Saturday, 10 October 2009

2004 Topps Bazooka Baseball

It is vary rare that this happens, so when this particular item, a whole box of cards-24 packs! of 2004 Topps Bazooka , appeared on e-bayUK I was fairly determined to acquire it.
And acquire it I did.
Odd thing though was that it didn't rise higher than my initial bid. Considering the rarity of such an item I presumed that it would go higher.
Each 2004 Topps Bazooka Baseball sealed box contains 24 packs (each pack including one sugarless slice of bubble gum) of 8 cards each in a 330 card base set. The base set is 300 cards with 30 cards being printed in 2 variations. Each box will contain THREE Memorabilia cards. Parallel sets: Minis 1:1 and Red Chunks 1:1. Inserts: Tattoos 1:4 - 4-on-1 Stickers 1:4 - Comics 1:4 - Stand-Ups 1:8 - and Relics Memorabilia cards 1:8 (Blasts > Game Used Bats #'d to 25; Adventures, Game Worn Jerseys #'d to 25; and One Liners Retired Game Worn Jerseys - #'d to 25).
This appeared to be an underrated set. The target demographics being children.
I have opened all the packs in 4 stages. I hesitated at opening them all in one go. Trying desperately to 'eek' this out for as long as I could stand.
From the 24 packs I pulled:

118 base cards, 3 doubles (39% of the set), although this caused some initial confusion as some of the cards are printed with two different images on the front. There were 3 cards with both variations in this box.

24 Mini parallels

22 Red Chunk parallels

and the following inserts:

7 Comic cards (1 double)

5 4in 1 stickers
5 Tattoos

5 Stand-ups (1 double)

and finally 2 Game -used Relic cards, although the box specifically states that there would be 3 in every box. Is 5 years too late to complain to Topps?
Bazooka One-liners #BOL-WS Willie Stargell

Bazooka Adventures #BA-AR2 Alex Rodriguez

My initial reaction is one of excitement as it is a novelty to actually open a full box of baseball cards. Overall as a collector I am pleased with the selection. Inserting only 5 base cards out of 8 may not be the ideal way for set collectors, however it adds to the uniqueness of the product.

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PunkRockPaint said...

If you are only getting two game-used cards instead of three, those two are pretty good.

I received your package of Padres yesterday. Thank you very much! I have some stuff heading your way soon.