Monday, 11 April 2011

A quick glance at my Jacoby Ellsbury collection.

I am taking my 8 year old twin girls on a trip to Australia for a few weeks to spend some time with my parents and the rest of the Arnold clan. The last time they saw them was when they were six months old. It is very exciting and a little nerve racking. That not only means no DIY for three weeks(and our house needs it) but my wife asked me very politely to 'straighten up' all the baseball cards laying around the house. In other words 'you won't be here so put them all away'. One of the many stacks of cards that are 'laying around' is my Jacoby Ellsbury collection. I have been trying to collect all the Ellsbury cards, that have no print run, for about three-four years now and have amassed around 170 cards. So before they disappear into my collecting cupboard, I thought I would sort and Topload them all. Here they are in all their glory.


night owl said...

I have one saved for you sitting on a shelf right now.

AdamE said...


Have a good trip!!

skoormit said...

Awesome stuff. Do you have a wantlist made up? Or have you managed to hit 100% of the non-serialed Jacoby cards?