Sunday, 3 February 2013

The one that got away.

There are meant to be times in your life when you reach a moment of sudden clarity of thought, referred to as an epiphany. A moment of great and sudden revelation.
My epiphany? I am stupid.
Very rarely, if ever, does a large lot of baseball cards appear for sale on EbayUK. Never are they located on the Isle or close enough that doesn't involve a passport and an eight hour flight.
So what did I do when I saw this item (picture above) listed on Ebay.
Buy it for £59?
You would think that wouldn't you. Well you would be wrong.
I ran, literally ran, upstarts to my wife and asked if we were doing anything this weekend as I would like to a little round trip to Reading -about 130 miles, 3 hours - if the traffic was bad.
Brilliant, calendar free.
Run back downstairs, Try to Buy it Now....Sold.
Should have bought it first and then asked.

I'm sure there is a moral to this story in there somewhere.

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night owl said...

Lots of morals:

Don't ask questions.

Don't have a wife.

Don't have stairs.

I could go on ...

(I rarely need an epiphany to declare myself stupid, by the way).