Thursday, 18 September 2008

2008 Goudey

A group of like minded collectors in the UK have been contributing to a Sports card forum for a number of months now.

There are UK collectors of baseball, basketball, football and hockey. Collectors of sports cards who are experienced seasoned vets and collectors new to the sports card arena.
But we have one thing in common, we enjoy collecting.
It was decided a while ago to arrange a 'Group box break'.
I joined in a break with Jo of 2008 Goudey.
After a blaster, a shared box and a few trades. I decided to collect the whole base-set. I am now 115 cards into the 250 card set, although I'm not sure about the Presidents.
The auto from the recent break was poor, there was no memorabilia card and no Yankee Stadium Legacy cards but I did get most of the Red Sox cards.
Jo, who collects just about anything but is concentrating on Tim Lincecum and Manny Ramirez cards.
Matt, who collects Yankee Stadium Legacy, Yankee memorabilia/autos and 2008 Goudey and myself decided to try another box in October.
We'll see if we get any closer to completing the set.

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