Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Only 7 1980 Topps to go!

I have moved a great deal closer to my 'Pursuit of 1980 Topps'.
Thanks to the generous nature of a self-proclaimed philanthropist called Max.
Max sent along 17 cards from my 1980 Topps wants list. So that leaves only 7 cards to go until I complete the whole set.

So if you happen to have;

#435 Don Gullett,
#448 Jim Wohlford,
#501 Rennie Stennett,
#512 Jose Cardenal,
#514 Steve Ontiveros,
#659 George Bamberger,
#684 Frazier/Herr/O'Brien,

lying about somewhere and feel they need a good home. Please get in contact.


Collective Troll said...

hey, i am busy busy today, but i will dig in the archives tomorrow, i think i have what you need! please email me at bacontowne at yahoooooo dot com with your address, thanks! troll

skoormit said...

I have the Wohlford and the Bamberger (which is the Brewers team card). Ping me--skoormit at gmail.