Sunday, 9 August 2009

Searching for US Sports cards in the UK

I know for a fact that there are no baseball cards in my locality. I have searched high and higher but to no avail. Whenever I go someone new, much to the annoyance of my family, I will search toy shops, gaming shops and hobby shops. This is just in case, on the off chance, that they may have mistakenly ordered baseball cards rather than the LOST or Wrestle Mania cards.
The store I visited on my holidays to Dorset was in Dorchester, the old Roman city of Dumovaria. Which incidentally was, in the 17th Century, at the centre of the Puritan emigration to America. The local rector, John White, organised the settlement of Dorchester in Massachusetts.
Anyway the store I visited had a huge display of cards, a variety that I hadn't seen for awhile and a discount bin!!! The cards on displayed consisted mostly of Pokemon, Yugioh and some Warcraft? type cards. No joy there, but the discount bid had a range of sports cards (this is England, so the cards were all football) and some TV/movie related items-James Bond predominately, the LOST cards, Harry Potter, Tomb Raider and Star Trek.
But none of the cards that I hope to one day find buried deep , mistakenly ordered by an absent minded shop assistant, who thinking they had placed an order for the latest Yugioh cards but were delivered baseball cards instead. I can dream...
I opted for some cheap James Bond inkworks packs and a interesting pack of 'Rocketman'. Maybe next time.


night owl said...

Man, whenever I'm in a thrift store thinking of how ridiculous it is that I'm searching again for baseball cards and coming up empty, I'll think of you looking for baseball cards in a country that hardly cares about baseball. That will keep me on the right track!

Captain Canuck said...

I would love to walk into a shop and find James Bond cards for sale. Love it!
Are people in England as crazy about Bond as I am, or is it just me?