Saturday, 19 September 2009

1995 Upper Deck Denny's baseball cards

When I purchased nine cards from this set I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I knew that Denny's was a restaurant, naturally I have watched American TV programs and Denny's is mentioned regularly. I had to research on the interwebs to find out more. My favourite from the Denny's menu is called:

'The Grand Slam Burrito'.
All your favourite ingredients from the Original Grand Slam-two scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and pancakes with syrup topped with melted American cheese and hand wrapped in a large flour tortilla. Grilled and served with crispy hash browns.

My arteries started to close just reading about it.
The only equivalent I can find here in the UK is the Little Chef. The restaurants can be found up and down the country usually located in motorway services, sweet escapes from the driving madness, truck drivers and tiredness. Motorway services are also, on Saturdays, full of travelling football fans moving from one stadium to another. The Little Chef offers a range of healthy salads, drinks and an American Style Breakfast for £6.75. Described as

Two rashers of bacon, a generous portion of free range scrambled eggs and two of our famous breakfast pancakes drizzled with sweet maple flavoured syrup.
Have a nice day!

There are 28 cards in the set, so I am presuming the cards were given away with a meal. Either one at a time or the whole set. This is not an usual practice, my children have collected all manner of items from McDonald's, Star Wars cards from KFC and plastic figures from Burger King. I'm not sure that Little Chef even has a child's meal.
However the cards from Denny's are of the holographic variety. Not really a new innovation in 1995. The backgrounds are exactly the same with a portrait of the player in front of the same crowd. Impressive cards but Mike Piazza smiles and then frowns at you, depending on the way you hold the card. Bret Saberhagen does the same. Both men are sporting moustaches. Spooky!
The cards I received were:
#4 Albert Belle Indians
#5 Jason Bere White Sox
#6 Roger Clemens Red Sox
#9 Andres Galarraga Rockies
#13 Barry Larkin Reds
#15 Don Mattingly Yankees
#20 Mike Piazza Dodgers
#22 Bret Saberhagen Mets
#28 Matt Williams Giants


capewood said...

Denny's Restaurants are located across the US. Through most of the 90s they gave away baseball cards during the summer with the purchase of certain menu items. Until 1996 the cards were made by Upper Deck. The last few years they were made by Pinnacle. If I remember correctly all years were holographic. I'd never seen the 1995 cards. Nice pickup.

Anonymous said...

My uncle worked at Denny's for many years and through him I collected several years worth of these sets. Currently I have the complete '93 and '94 sets there are 28 cards in each set. I have no idea where the other sets are (maybe in storage)? Anywho, they are very nice sets to have

The Feral Scribe said...

i have 30 unopened cards from 1995 that i've held onto for some reason. i'm willing to part with them for a few bucks.