Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Trade with Ryan from Trader Crack's

It is time to get back to the old routine of school again. Luckily for me it has been a very quite month for baseball cards. I haven't arranged any trades and there has been little of note on e-bayUK, nothing oddball or old. Well nothing that I have had the fortune of winning. I had picked up some great cards recently, so my luck was soon to run out. Then out of the blue a package arrived from Ryan of Trader Crack's. Unexpected and completely awesome. ( I have realised that in normal life I do not use the word 'awesome' to describe anything. I must reserve it solely for these pages). Ryan included a number of 2004 Cracker Jack cards which I write about in the future and two very nice Relic cards. The first being 2009 Career Best Josh Beckett and the second a 2004 Cracker Jack Derek Lowe.
The Josh Beckett Game worn Jersey card is the most aesthetic card I have seen for a while. The blue card contrasting the red jersey piece. Well Done Topps.
Thanks to Ryan for the unexpected trade package. A great way to end a quite month.

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