Saturday, 19 December 2009

That's a wrap!! 1980 Topps completed

I set out in September 2008 to collect all 726 cards of the 1980's Topps set. They were the first baseball cards that I ever received way back in 1980 and it started a modest obsession with baseball card collecting.
Thanks to many people and to Brian who sent the last three cards I needed. I had intended to look at each card indivdually but another collector beat me to the punch, so it is back to the drawing board to think of another pursuit.


MattR said...

One year and three months to collect the set. Pretty good.

night owl said...

Well done! In my mind, it's the last "vintage" set. A good one to complete.

capewood said...

1980, if I were really a set collector, might be one I'd go after since it's the first year the Phillies won the World Series. Congrats!

Captain Canuck said...

congrats! and you're welcome. Glad to help in any way.

I've been working on the '76 set for over a year... very close to finishing... if you want my doubles as a starter set for you, let me know.