Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Trade with Matt from Heartbreaking cards

Let's get back to trading. A short while ago this package arrived from Matt at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius. This was in response to a pile of Mariners and Royals I sent his way. Matt and Travis at Punk Rock Paint have inspired me to attempt making my own cards. They are complete crap but the attempt has been made. Makes you realise the effort they put in. The beauty of this trade was the mixture of cards sent, late 1970's, some early 80's and a few lovely shiny cards, which I know we all appreciate.
These are some of the Red Sox cards Matt sent from Lawrence, Kansas;
1975 Topps#645 Danny Carter
1976 Topps #396 Bill Lee
1978 Topps #12 Don Aase
1978 Topps #524 Bernie Carbo
1978 Topps #597 Steve Dillard
1981 Fleer #218 Fred Lynn
1981 Topps #123 Gary Allenson
1981 Topps #184 Jim Dwyer
1981 Topps #349 Glenn Hoffman
1982 Topps #91 Carney Lansford
1982 Topps #619 Bill Campbell
1983 Fleer #391 Doug Bird
1983 Fleer #395 Mark Clear
2002 Upper Deck Holographix #LL10 Manny Ramirez
2004 Topps Finest #14 Bill Mueller
2007 Bowman Best #22 Manny Ramirez
2007 UD Masterpieces #27 Daisuke Matsuzaka
2007 UD Masterpieces #86 Red Sox 2007 World Series Champions
2008 Topps Finest #45 Manny Ramirez
2008 Upper Deck X #X2-MA Manny Ramirez
to name but a few of the 50plus cards he sent.
The Red Sox are always appreciated. Thanks Matt.

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