Friday, 30 April 2010

A big pile of baseball cards

I have mentioned on a number of occasions that I keep my ears open for people travelling to the USA. A polite enquiry as to whether they would mind obtaining some baseball cards is never turned down. When my friend, who happens to be the head of the school I work in, ventured another holiday to Florida I didn't even need to ask. 'Would you like me to get some baseball cards?' she questioned.

Let me think...

Yes please.

Unfortunately mid-way through the two week holiday, an Icelandic volcano erupted. What followed was airport closures and no air traffic in or out of Europe. Major disruption all over, with no foreseeable end. My friend and her family were 'stranded' by the turmoil, somewhere in Florida. The family's two week holiday grew to four. She returned to school today after landing late last night.

I'm pretty sure I know what I would be doing if I found myself on an extended holiday, far from home. My friend, however finding she had more time on her hands than normal, was called daily by the fiendish siren, that is Walmart. Her weakness was to my benefit. On every trip some baseball cards were purchased. My haul, and I do not use that term loosely, was ;

4 Jumbo packs of 2010 'Unauthorised' Upper Deck series 1,
9 Jumbo packs of 2010 Topps Heritage,
1 Topps Match Attax starter set,
9 packs of 2010 Topps Attax.
She is meant to return in June for a short break. Anyone know the chances of Volcanic eruptions around June 20th?


Roy said...

Actually, the volcano just nearby the recent eruption in Iceland may begin erupting soon.

night owl said...

You had something to do with that volcano didn't you?

Captain Canuck said...

it's John vs. The Volcano!