Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Trade with Ed from Roll out the Barrel

Arriving home from work a few weeks ago the postman had kindly left a package by the front door. He is well aware of the contents of these little packages arriving from the US and doesn't attempt to squeeze them through the letter box. I eagerly opened the said package from Harland Wisconsin while I awaited the arrival of a member of my family who had a key. I surveyed the contents with great satisfaction and had almost worked my way through the backs of the entire collection when up strolled my son, who didn't bat an eye at the fact that I was very early and let me in. That was the last that I saw of the package from Wisconsin until two days ago.
Where had it been? Somehow it had grown legs and walked its way into a pile of papers where it promptly buried itself hoping for peace and quiet. While filing important papers (in the rubbish bin) I stumbled across the missing package. A short heart felt reunion took place, a few tears, some reminiscing and now its time to thank Ed from Roll out the Barrel for the excellent selection of Red Sox, including superb Dice-K cards.
Sorry for the delay in posting (and thanking). Red Sox cards are always a welcome addition to this household.

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