Saturday, 15 May 2010

2010 Topps Attax Starter Box

Match Attax -The card game that puts you in charge of the action!
Aimed at children? Obviously. Collected by grown-ups? Possibly. Nice looking cards? Definitely.
There should be two code cards plus 4 foil cards including an exclusive 'Legends' sepia foil card.
There are 21 cards in the starter box.
15 base cards
Francisco Rodriguez Mets
Cliff Lee Mariners
Scott Feldman Rangers
Brad Lidge Phillies
Nelson Cruz Rangers
Howie Kendick Angels
Carlos Lee Astros
Eric Byrnes D-backs
Adam Kennedy Athletics
B.J.Upton Bay Rays
Andrew McCutchen Pirates
David DeJesus Royals
Curtis Grandson Yankees
Jermaine Dye White Sox
Evan Longoria Bay Rays
2 code cards and 4 foils
Manny Ramirez Dodgers
Alex Rodriguez Yankees
Nolan Reimold Orioles Hot Streak
Aramis Ramirez Cubs Hot Streak
Justin Verlander Tigers Superstar
Mike Schmidt Phillies Legend

I know there isn't a great deal of love for the Match Attax cards amongst 'serious' collectors. They have no numbers or statistical information, no relic/auto 'hits' but it is helping to draw in the next generation of collectors. That cannot be a bad thing.

Topps have tried hard to make this collectable and achievable. The foil cards, although not to every collectors taste, are nice and shiny.

I also know a Mike Schmidt collector who would appreciate the sepia legend.


night owl said...

These look a lot better than they did last year. For some odd reason I like picking up a pack or two over some of the other stuff when I'm in the card aisle.

--David said...

I collect anything Tribe, so whatever the brand or gimmick, you'll find me picking them up for sure!