Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Awesome trade with Skoormit

A few months back I was pretty pleased to find a collector of the Arizona Diamondbacks. I had built a large stack of D-backs cards and seriously considered adopting another team, as there were some really nice cards disappearing into the D-backs pile.
Fortunately Tim AKA skoormit got in contact and a D-backs/Red Sox trade was forged. I like to send out cards first and feel that the receiver decide what is fair in trade. This usually works well as collectors of baseball cards, in my experience, are a very generous cohort. In some cases I never hear again but that is rare.
Tim was honest and said he didn't have any Red Sox at the moment and would attempt to gather a few. Move swiftly forward to two weeks ago ...
A desperate e-mail from Tim saying he had good news and bad news.
The good news was that he acquired some Red Sox in other trades he had made. The bad news, regrettably, was that in posting the cards the Post Office had mistakenly taken the UK for United Kingdom to mean the Ukraine. He was told that there was little he could do about it, once the bar code was printed that was that. The post stopped for no-one. A lucky collector in Eastern Europe would recieve an unexpected windfall.
Shortly after the package from Tim AKA skoormit arrived at my door and not via the Ukrainian sorting office. My faith in the snail mail system rekindled, someone had realised there was no Westgate-on-Sea in the former Soviet Union. A great result and what an awe inspiring selection of cards it turned out to be.
A 2005 UD Ultimate Signature Series Bobby Doerr on card autograph,
A 2005 Leaf Jason Varitek game used relic (#012/250),
A 2004 Legendary Cuts Wade Boggs Ultimate Swatch,
A 2008 Sweet Spot Daisuke Matsuzaka Swatch,
A 2008 Jason Varitek Allen and Ginter 'Red' Swatch,
A 2009 Goodwin Champions David Ortiz game used relic,
A 2009 Goodwin Champions Daisuke Matsuzaka game used relic,
A 2008 UD X David Ortiz Exponential and
2009 Goodwin Champions Jon Lester mini
Some trades really are worth the wait.
A massive Thank you to Tim.

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skoormit said...

I'm just happy they made it. I felt physically ill after being told that the cards would be headed to the Ukraine where they would likely sit forever in a dead letter facility. A fate worse than burning, for baseball cards.

Sorry about the long wait, but I sure am glad you like the card.