Monday, 9 May 2011

Could this be the worst blaster ever?

When you're a beggar, you cannot be a chooser. So I bid when this blaster of baseball cards was listed on e-bayUK, there was a moment of absolute clarity or was that stupidity. Either. They can be very close sometimes. The warning signs were there, a fellow collector selling an unopened box of cards, no other bids, the large advertisement for 'possible' Dice-K autographs and the 'hottest rookies' tag line.
'A Pack a Day' was about the search for the ultimate pack, this blaster would be the polar opposite of ultimate. Saying worst just doesn't feel strong enough.
Maybe I am being a little harsh.
I am a fairly positive sort of person, I'm not one of those collectors looking for the big 'HIT' from packs, or even the little ones. A Red Sox or two wouldn't go unwanted, a Jacoby Ellsbury would be the cause for some minor celebrations, even an unique insert would bring a little joy.
I will let this blaster speak for itself. I have a feeling these will be a bit like indoor fireworks, sound like an interesting idea but don't quite live up to the expectation.
Please prove me wrong, which of these is a 'future star'.

Pack 1:
#33 Magglio Ordonez Tigers
#72 Chase Utley Phillies
#73 Ryan Howard Phillies
#88 Chris Carpenter Cardinals

Pack 2:
#20 Paul Konerko White Sox
#56 Joe Mauer Twins
#85 Richie Sexson Mariners
#90 Carl Crawford Bay Rays

Pack 3:
#2 Andrew Jones Braves
#22 Ken Griffey Jr. Reds (seriously?)
#45 Vladimir Guerrero Angels
#62 Carlos Beltran Mets

Pack 4:
#7 John Smoltz Braves
#11 David Ortiz Red Sox
#92 Scott Kazmir Bay Rays
#99 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
Pack 5:
#24 Aaron Harang Reds
#41 Carlos Lee Astros
#79 Jake Peavy Padres
#96 Troy Glaus Blue Jays

Pack 6:
#58 Johan Santana Twins
#65 Johnny Damon Yankees
#75 Freddy Sanchez Pirates
#82 Matt Cain Giants

Pack 7:
#6 Jeff Francoeur Braves
#31 Garrett Atkins Rockies
#48 Juan Pierre Dodgers
#91 Rocco Baldelli Bay Rays

Pack 8:
#14 Curt Schilling Red Sox (come on-really!)
#28 C.C.Sabathia Indians
#39 Lance Berkman Astros
#73 Jimmy Rollins Phillies
So tell me is there a hot rookie or a future star amongst this lot.
And I ask again- Is this indeed the Worst Blaster Ever?


Captain Canuck said...

um.... wow.

better you than me pal.....

Cardsplitter said...

Rookies and stars sucks. Period.

capewood said...

Yea, that was a terrible set. Since I will compulsively buy a blaster of anything baseball that I see on the shelf, I bought one of these. But I didn't buy another.

Lonestarr said...

Hobby version was considerably less awful, but still not very fondly remembered. I was fortunate enough to pull a youngling #'ed /500 in each of my blasters of the stuff from way back in the day though: Ryans Braun & Zimmerman, so they do exist in retail, just at unreasable difficulty, leading to stacks and stacks of ugly base cards of not future stars.