Monday, 25 July 2011

London Buses and trading with Dan

There is a interesting saying, that probably has a number of variations around the world, which explains the frustrating occurrence of waiting for something to arrive and then multiple come at the same time.
In the case of the UK, in particular London, it is the appearance of London buses. For example,
'I waited for a hour for a number 53 and then three came at the same time'.
My dad use to say something about 'chorus girls', but I'm sure it wasn't related to this particular anomaly. He also bestowed on us the saying 'Beware of people who drive in hats', which I know is totally unrelated.
So I am waiting for a trade package to arrive and six arrive at the same time. In actual fact they didn't arrive at the same but over the course of a few weeks. My eldest, my very organised and helpful son arrives home first. He took the mail and sorted it carefully including the packages, which he knew where for me and placed it in the cupboard where I keep my baseball cards. Very helpful, except for one thing- he didn't tell me.
So I have a number of packages to share, the first being this beauty from Dan in Auburn, Maine. This package was interesting for two reasons it was choc full of Red Sox cards- Dan went above and beyond in this respect. And secondly it came from Maine. I had never received a package from Maine before.
It will take me a while to sift through the amazing number of cards Dan sent. He tells me they are all from the wants list, which is also incredibly impressive.
Thanks Dan.

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