Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My part of the $1 box break

The idea of busting baseball packs and sharing the contents with others is not a new concept. Sharing with strangers over the Internet may have its pitfalls, as many unsuspecting participants find to their peril. Caveat emptor. Having a regular, trusted and experienced blogger such as Tribecards bust some boxes and share the contents is a completely different story. When the idea of Indians Cards Always buck a box was mentioned I joined, a little surprised because there are so many other Red Sox collectors around.

Five boxes- $1 a box
1988 Sportflics
1990 Topps Heads -up
2009 Allen+Ginter
2011 Bowman x2

A rather diverse selection of boxes should make it very interesting.
Box 1 -Sportflics
Jim Rice, Ellis Burks, Marty Barrett, Wade Boggs, Bruce Hurst, Boston Logo
Call me stupid (hang on...) but I didn't realise that these cards contained 3 images , not 2 (now call me stupid)

Box 2- Topps Heads-up
No Red Sox from this box.
Box 3- 2009 Allen and Ginter
J.D.Drew, John Lester, John Smoltz, Jed Lowrie
Box 4&5 2011 Bowman
John Lester, Carl Crawford, David Ortiz gold, Garin Cecchini, Garin Cecchini chrome,
Not to left out Tribecards added a large number of other Red Sox cards including the Red Sox Rippers at the top of the post #57/62 and lovely sparkly Jon Lester Topps Diamond Anniversary.
I enjoyed it and will be looking out for more box breaks.

Here's what Tribecards thought of his first ever buck-a-box break-After thoughts.

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