Saturday, 3 January 2009

1993 Studio

You can see that they are trying really hard with set of cards. Big colourful glossy pictures, heavy card stock, border less pictures superimposed over the team name or logo, silver signature. Really nice looking cards.
There are 220 cards in the base set.
There are inserts: 12 Studio Heritage, 10 Studio Silhouettes, 10 Superstars on Canvas, 5 Studio Thomas.
The pack:

#134 Mo Vaughn Red Sox

#98 Tony Fernandez Mets
#102 Jeff King Pirates
#116 Ed Sprague Blue Jays
#169 Kevin Seitzer Athletics
#158 Dave Hollins Phillies
#190 Harold Baines Orioles

#206 Todd Hundley Mets
#8 Steve Buechele Cubs
#75 Kevin McReynolds Royals

#87 Joe Carter Blue Jays
#149 Ramon Martinez Dodgers

Nice looking cards. Very glossy which would have made collectors pretty happy in 1993. The use of the logo in the background impressive too. This set is missing two important things action shots (hence the name 'studio') and statistics, there is some up close and personal information, but no in depth RBI, SO, AB that I for one love to read.
One Red Sox, Big MO looking mean and brooding. Not bad.

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