Monday, 12 January 2009

Wants Lists

It has been quiet over Christmas in the trade department. I sent out a few packages, which I hope will be arriving soon.
I have taken about 10 days to look through the wants lists on different Blogs to try and start some more trades. It is very time consuming and I realised that I had neglected my own blog.
I was contacted by a couple of collectors interested in Football (soccer) cards, which has been interesting. These are easier to obtain than baseball so I sent off a selection of packs and I am hoping that some baseball cards will arrive in Westgate in return.
A fellow collector here in the UK decided it was time to pack up the card collecting hobby, sighting money and time as the factors. He put his entire collection up on e-bay. A little drastic but assured us that he kept some of his better cards. He was primarily a Hockey collector, in particular Jeff Carter, but had amassed cards in football, basketball and baseball. Luckily for me I bid and won his baseball collection which include some fine game used and auto cards. He was not very detailed in his description, but knowing him they will be great cards in excellent condition. As I have said before quality baseball cards do not come up very often on e-bayUK and I always bid.
I cannot wait for them to come. It is like being a child at Christmas again.

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