Monday, 26 January 2009

Trade with Brian from Waxaholic

It may not be one of the 'Razor Presidential Cut Auto masterpiece 1of 1 encapsulated in a plastic Beckett holder', but it feels like it.
Brian from Waxaholic sent my first graded card and would you believe it but none other than Jacoby himself. As I explained to Brian, my wife is a little worried about my reaction to receiving this in the mail.
"It's a baseball card in a plastic frame!"
"Yes I know, but its Jacoby."
The little shrine is growing. Not only that, he included some more Red Sox and a set of stickers. We love stickers.
Thanks Brian. They are brilliant.


dayf said...

I keep forgetting to e-mail you, but your cards are on the way. It took me forever to get them to the post office, sorry about that. The good thing is that I kept adding stuff. You should be seeing it next week at the latest.

Captain Canuck said...

glad you like everything bud...
I'll keep adding stuff to your pile