Friday, 6 February 2009

Trade with Dan from Saints of the Cheap Seats

Dan of 'the Cheap Seats' name is located on most blogs and he is a generous trader. I was on the receiving end of a very generous trade recently and have waited to post the contents. There is a certain amount of excitement in my house when I opened the package from Pittsford, New York. I could see some 1980's Topps, the Red Sox Team Card, the final Red Sox card I needed from the set and then a Jacoby card. I have tried to collect some single cards from e-bay, Topps 1980 #482, Topps 1980 #393 and 2007 Topps'52 #91. No need to worry about the 2007 '52 #91, as Dan sent it along with some other fine cards.

Here's the cards Dan sent:

1980 Topps #259 Joe Torre Mets
1980 Topps #274 Dale Murphy Braves
1980 Topps #404 Earl Weaver Orioles
1980 Topps #425 Mark Belanger Orioles
1980 Topps #426 Grant Jackson Pirates
1980 Topps #457 Bert Blyleven Pirates
1980 Topps #462 Mike Sadek Giants
1980 Topps #470 Bob Boone Phillies
1980 Topps #484 Checklist 364-484
1980 Topps #526 Dallas Green Phillies
1980 Topps #529 Jim Barr Angels
1980 Topps #545 Jeff Burroughs Braves
1980 Topps #591 Rick Cerone Blue Jays
1980 Topps #689 Don Zimmer Red Sox
1992 Topps #296 Tom Brunansky
1998 Pinnacle #13 Mo Vaughn
2002 Upper Deck Piece of History #24 Wade Boggs
2005 Upper Deck ESPN #13 David Ortiz
2005 Upper Deck ESPN #14 Manny Ramirez
2007 Topps '52 #91 Jacoby Ellsbury
2008 SP Legendary Cuts #26 Daisuke Matsuzaka
2008 Sweet Spot #62 Josh Beckett
2008 Topps Trading Card History #3b Mike Lowell

Thank you Dan for bringing me closer still to Pursuit of 1980's. The Jacoby was the icing on the cake!

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Dan said...

Hey, finally I got it right! I'm glad you are happy with them. I'd love to read more about your life in GB, too.