Sunday, 22 February 2009

Trade with Steven from wait 'til next year

In search of new blog material, I trawled through some baseball blogs to find trading partners. In the meantime an e-mail from Steven, a Cubs fan, about a possible trade involving my pursuit of 1980 Topps was very welcomed. That's how I found the ever optimistic blog wait 'til next year. Have a read of his fantastic blog about baseball in the 1960's and 1970's. An era when baseball card collecting was definitely simpler.
We negotiated a trade, you can find my side of the trade here and here.
The cards that arrived from Sarasota Florida were:
1968 Topps #460 Jim Lonborg
1975 Topps #622 Fred Lynn
1980 Topps #77 Dave Stieb Blue Jays
1980 Topps #270 Mike Schmidt Phillies
1987 Topps #121 Kevin Romine
1987 Topps #449 Pat Dodson
1988 Donruss #339 Mike Greenwell
1989 Score #623 Carlos Quintana
1991 Topps #70 Ellis Burks
1991 Topps #155 Dwight Evans
1992 Score #750 Mo Vaughn

Steven is a person who looked after his cards. The 1968 Jim Lonborg card looked as if it was printed yesterday. Thanks Steven. We will, I hope, trade again.

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