Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Trading 'Modus Operandi'

My 'modus operandi' of trading was to build a pile of cards, say 30 or so and find someone willing to trade. It was desperate search sometimes, but I have found a collector of each Major League Baseball team, (two for many teams)except the Arizona Diamondbacks. However, I have a pursuit idea that I will share later but it will take a little research before I jump into it.
I come home from work and get, if I am honest, a little excited by the yellow envelopes and small boxes with the green customs labels arriving from the US. Occasionally it is a yellow envelope with a huge white customs label from Canada. Each containing a selection of baseball cards. As I commented many times I have enjoyed trading and I am pleased that it has kept this sort of momentum. I realised now that some collectors are getting more discerning and the curiosity of receiving baseball cards from the UK has waned a bit, so the blind trading I was use to will have to move with the times as well.

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