Wednesday, 1 July 2009

1980 Topps Ozzie Smith

I have been contacted a few times by people offering cards for trade. Sometimes these trades never happen, either the cards never show up or I send off my side of the deal and nothing returns. Maybe this happens to you as well. I am not too concerned as I know the cards will go to a good home.
So when Matt of A Giants Blog and Project Baseball 1976 contacted to say he had 4 cards from my 1980 Topps wants list, I tried to keep my excitement in check. But, boy did Matt come through! The four cards arrived, from the wonderfully named Snowflake Arizona, today including #393 Ozzie Smith, one of the harder cards to obtain. He also included #384 Joey McLaughlin, #431 Mike Krukow and #650 Joe Morgan . Just for good measure Matt also included 8 cards form the 1981 Fleer set.
That takes the total of my Topps 1980 to 699 , just 27 cards short of the full set. So close I can taste it.


MattR said...

I'm glad they got there ok! :)

night owl said...

Uh oh. Guess what I sent?