Sunday, 5 July 2009

Jacoby Ellsbury

As I get closer to collecting the 1980's Topps set I decided to try and concentrate on one of my other pursuits Jacoby Ellsbury. I have received some cards in trade recently so I hit e-bay to try and knock off some of the 'older' cards but as luck would have it I won some 2009 cards as well. Rod from Padographs asked 'Why would a guy in the UK collect a college player from Oregon State?' Why? Well...
One of the TV stations in the UK called Channel 4 had a baseball program that ran for a few years, it was cancelled in 2007 but we were lucky enough to have the 2007 World Series televised live. I spent a few late nights and early mornings dozing on the couch watching as much as I could. In between quick eye lid checks Jacoby Ellsbury took an amazing catch, which, if memory serves me correctly was in Game 4. I have been unable to find it on you tube but that catch stayed with me. Shortly after my wife bought me a Red Sox shirt for my birthday and it had Ellsbury 46 on the back and the rest as they say 'was history'. As I picked up one or two of his cards a pursuit was born. There are a number of pricey cards but I decided to stick to cards with no print run. Most of the cards I receive are in trades and from e-bay, only one Ellsbury card has ever arrived on e-bayUK a 2008 Green Co-Signers and it became mine.

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