Sunday, 19 July 2009

Trade with Jason from The Writer's Journey

Midweek this big box of cards arrived from Jason of The Writer's Journey. It was in exchange for some Reds cards and a few packs of football cards for his sons. My side of the trade can be seen here.

The box had to sit unopened on my desk, which was a bit of a strain, but for good reason. As my wife would put it ,'I would be lost to the world..' if I had opened it to see the baseball goodness inside. It had to wait, school is finishing for the summer break (summer? wet, windy and cold at the moment) and a fellow teacher and I run a Movie and Animation club at school. Our end of year project is to make a Dr Who episode.

Last year our episode titled 'Parasite' lasted 12 minutes. We filmed for about 6 weeks and the editing took about two weeks. The school caretaker made a life size 'Tardis' for us to use in the filming. He topped that this year by making our very own 'Dalek'. We had delusions of grandeur but still left ourselves 6 weeks of filming and 2 weeks of editing. It just wasn't enough time. The big red carpet event was on Friday and the movie wasn't finished until late, late, then early Friday morning and we hadn't burnt the film to DVD yet. My colleague swears by a drink called Red Bull, a caffeine rich stimulant drink that is meant to keep you awake and alert way beyond the time your body is telling you sleep! The movie ended up being 28 minutes long, suffice to say with a few too many continuity errors which are being fixed this weekend. The children enjoyed the film, we enjoyed making the film. However because of this distraction I didn't get to open the box of cards until today.

There are far too many cards to list. Thanks to Jason a huge chunk of my Red Sox wants list has disappeared.

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