Monday, 27 July 2009

1980 Topps unopened pack

This brilliant pack came from PunkRockPaint and is the first time I have ever opened a 1980 pack, which I suppose is a little sad considering I am trying to collect the whole set. Anyway Travis suggested that I don't eat the gum, which is pretty sensible advise like 'Don't eat yellow snow' or 'Beware of people who drive in hats'. So the gum didn't look that appetising anyway.
Here are the cards as they came out of the pack (and some useless information about each one):

#46 Rico Carty Blue Jays
Spent many years with the Braves, two on the disabled list and bounced around Rangers, Cubs, A's, Indians and then Blue Jays. Once hit three homers in a game for the Braves in May 1970. 1979 was his last season in the Majors.

#658 Chris Knapp Angels
Drafted by the White Sox as a first round pick, traded to the Angels 1977. Faced 28 batters at Toronto and retired them all, except 1. Once pitched a 7 innings no hitter for Iowa in 1976. 1980 was his last season in the majors.

#38 Dan Spillner Indians
Drafted by the Padres, traded to the Indians in 1978. Tied for the Padres club lead with 9 wins (but 11 losses) as a Rookie in 1974. Had moderate success in 1980 winning 16 and losing 11 and pitched a shut-out

#376 Jerry Mumphrey Cardinals
Drafted by the Cardinals in 1971. Led the American league with 44 stolen bases at Tulsa in 1975 and hit 2 grand slammers in the same year. Had a respectable 1980 batting average of .298

#4 1979 Highlights Pete Rose
September 24th 1979 Pete Rose became the first player to get 200 hits or more in 10 seasons. The previous record was 9 years by Ty Cobb.

#171 Fernanado Gonzalez Padres
Signed by the A's but waived to the Pirates. Had seasons with the Yankees and Royals too before becoming a Padre. 1979 was his final season in the majors.

#692 Rawly Eastwick Phillies
Drafted by the Reds, traded to the Yankees and now pitching for the Phillies. Released by the Phillies in 1980 so didn't get to play in the World Series winning team.

#362 Bo McLaughlin Braves
Drafted by the Astros as a first round pick in 1975. Appeared in 6 consecutive games in 1978 without allowing a run. Traded to the Braves in 1979. Didn't play in 1980 and eventually released in 1981.

#71 John Milner Pirates
Drafted by the Mets in 1968, traded to the pirates in 1977, His cousin Eddie Milner is an out fielder in the Cincinnati organization. Had a mediocre 1980 and was granted free agency in October 1980.

#333 Jim Norris Indians
Drafted by the Indians in 1971 and played only 4 seasons (77, 78, 79, 80)in the majors before being released. Played his final game in the majors in 1980. Has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland.

#588 Greg Minton Giants
Drafted by the Royals in 1970, traded to the Giants in 1973. Had a long career with the Giants until 1986. Chosen as an All-star in 1982.

#306 Denny Walling Astros
Drafted by the A's as a first round pick in 1975, traded to the Astros in 1977. Denny's brother Greg was an outfielder in the Astros organisation in 1967. Was the oldest player in the National league in 1992.

#72 Fred Howard White Sox
Drafted by white sox in 1976. Had 1 season in the majors in 1979.

#496 Mike Tyson Cardinals
Drafted by the Cardinals in 1970. Led the National league shortstops with 108 double plays in 1974.

#139 Dane Iorg Cardinals
Drafted by the Phillies as a first round pick in 1971, traded to the Cardinals in 1977. Had a .3o3 batting average in 1980. His brother Gareth played second base for the Royals in 1978.

Thank you Travis. I had all these cards but enjoyed opening it and finding out all those useless facts about each player.


night owl said...

Very cool opening a pack from that long ago. Too bad you didn't find one of the final 30.

PunkRockPaint said...

I am heading back to the shop where I purchased that pack and buying a replacement... Be there soon. (Note: Soon = Eventually in PunkRockPaint terminology.)

--David said...

I have always wondered why they put that kind of stuff on the back...