Tuesday, 23 December 2008

130 American Baseball Cards from 1970

The title of this post is the title of the listing on e-bay UK. That was it. The description was short and sweet too.
" This is a collection of 130 TOPPS Trading Cards from 1970 covering 25 teams
and including all 3 series check lists. Teams are ...The Red Sox,... . They formed
part of a collection from my childhood in Montreal and are in reasonable
condition for their age."
There was also a picture included but a long distance away in an attempt to include all the cards. I watched anticipating a high price, considering there is another seller who regularly sells 6-8 1970's Topps for £2.00, sometimes higher. With a couple of hours remaining I decided to bid, fully expecting to be outbid, and went to bed.
Maybe it was the time or the fact that they were in the UK, but I won! They arrived on Saturday and I was in for another couple of surprises.
Firstly the cards are in great condition, not reasonable. I thought they might be drawn on, have dinged corners, creases, etc, considering the description '...collection from my childhood...' but no. There are a couple of cards in poorer condition, one looks like it was run over by a truck, another looks as if it was pegged to something, a stain (blood perhaps?) on another.
Secondly, I intended to take the Red Sox and trade the rest. When I opened the package on the top was a plastic packet which had the checklists enclosed. I noticed that the boxes had been checked, so I read through..#2 Diego Segui... check, #3 Darrel Chaney..., #4 check, #10 Carl Yastrzemski... check. I quickly thumbed through the cards looking for Red Sox and there it was Carl Yastrzemski, in great condition. Excellent.
Wait a minute. I started to recognise a few more names, Hoyt Wilhelm, Tug McGraw, Sandy Alomar, Sparky Lyle, Reggie Jackson, Herman Killebrew, Eddie Fisher....Slow down Reggie Jackson, the Reggie Jackson... No way. I thumbed carefully through the cards and there it was, Reggie in his A's uniform. Very nice.
This was a really exciting find. A very lucky find. There are plenty of doubles (and triples) so they will be appearing in trades in the future.


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Very nice. Looks like you got a steal.

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Nothing better than that!