Sunday, 7 December 2008

Trade with Ross from Sports Card Info

When you have a chance, if you haven't already, read Sports Card Info. What started out as a site talking about fake sports cards (I have to add I think because it moved from one Blogging provider to another), developed very quickly into an informative and interesting site about card collecting. Ross (and Andrew) bust some serious product, all top of the range cards like Sterling, Sweet Spot, Triple Threads and Exquisite. I contacted Ross to see the likelihood of a trade. He collected Phillies cards, unfortunately I had already pretty much earmarked all my Phillies for Cliff from Capewood's Collections. Cliff also collects Astro's, so I send a pile of Phillies to Ross and to make me feel better a pile of Astro's to Cliff.

Yesterday a package arrived from Selinsgrove ,Pennsylvania and what a selection of Red Sox cards Ross and Andrew sent.

1991 Upper Deck #5 Mo Vaughn RC
1998 Bowman Chrome #87 John Curtice
1998 Upper Deck #276 Jason Varitek RC
1998 UD Collectors Choice #121 Jason Varitek RC
2003 Bowman Chrome #305 Bill Simon
2003 UD Classic Portraits #172 Mike Nicolas RC 0693/2003
2004 Bowman Chrome #304 Jon DeVries
2005 Bowman Best #91 Matt Van Der Bosch
2005 Bowman Chrome #218 Matt Van Der Bosch
2006 Bowman Chrome #BDP12 David Pauley RC
2006 Bowman Chrome #DP35 Dustin Richardson
2006 Bowman Sterling #BS-DP David Pauley
2006 Topps #618 Craig Hansen RC
2006 Upper Deck SP #112 David Ortiz 895/899
2007 Allen + Ginter #4/30 Daisuke Matsuzaka
2007 Allen + Ginter #35 J.D.Drew mini
2007 Allen + Ginter #210 Daisuke Matsuzaka RC
2007 Allen + Ginter #217 Hideki Okajima RC
2007 Topps Finest #59 David Ortiz
2008 Bowman Chrome #BCP100 Aaron Bates
2008 Topps Finest #FM-DO David Ortiz
Thanks to Ross and Andrew for the mighty selection of Rookies, SHINY and numbered cards. A Bowman Sterling card for my collection to boot, a first!

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