Tuesday, 23 December 2008

1980 Topps from Jeremiah at toppstraders

Seasoned bloggers are probably use to being contacted out exchanging cards or offers of cards. That is how I started trading with others. Some answered with 'Yeah sounds great', others with a sceptical 'OK'. I always said I would send first and greatly appreciate any cards back. I'm not a heavily read blog but since I have sent cards out to other bloggers, people have been less sceptical.
When Jeremiah contacted me and said he had a few 1980's Topps and wanted nothing in return, I knew exactly how the bloggers I had contacted felt.
True to his word Jeremiah sent a large pile (87 cards) all from my 1980's vacancy list. The cards were in excellent condition and if you have ever taken a look at My pursuit for 1980's Topps, I am now down to 103 cards needed to complete the set. Some of the cards will be difficult to obtain. I was in this for the long haul.
Check out Jeremiahs blog Toppstrader.org. He has been writing for a while now, but I noticed he hasn't updated his site since August. He is always up for trades too. Just my sort of collector.
Thanks Jeremiah.

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