Friday, 12 December 2008

Trade with Steve from White Sox Cards

Steve has done it again! Our packages must pass each other in the air. Another great selection of Red Sox cards, including this '79 Carlton Fisk beauty. I also realised that I know more about the White Sox than I do any other team and that is thanks to Steve's blog.
Here is the selection I sent over to Steve (link) and the return trade from Oak Lawn, Illinois.

1979 Topps #680 Carlton Fisk
1980 Topps #469 Randy Niemann
1980 Topps #481 Tom Paciorek
1984 Fleer Red Sox sticker
1985 Fleer #148 Gary Allenson
1985 Fleer #168 Jim Rice
1985 Topps #11 Ralph Houk
1987 Topps #1 Roger Clemens
1988 Donruss #174 Ellis Burks
1989 Score #412 Wes Gardner
1989 Topps K-Mart #14 Wade Boggs
1989 Topps K-Mart #20 Roger Clemens
1990 Bowman #281 Wade Boggs
1990 Classic #26 Wade Boggs
1990 Classic #47 Mike Greenwell
1990 Classic #51 Roger Clemens
1990 Classic #77 Dwight Evans
1990 Classic #137 Lee Smith
1990 Classic #T8 Ellis Burks
1990 Classic #T13 Scott Cooper
1990 Classic #T54 Jody Reed
1990 Classic #T55 Jeff Reardon
1990 Classic #T67 Tony Pena
1990 Donruss #BC-17 Mike Greenwell
1993 Upper Deck #832 Red Sox checklist
1995 Upper Deck SP #13 Jose Malave
1995 Upper Deck SP #129 Aaron Sele red
1995 Upper Deck SP #129 Aaron Sele silver
1997 Score #175 John Valentin
1998 Score #RT96 John Valentin
2003 Leaf #14 Robert Person
2004 Fleer Tradition #148 Pedro Martinez
2008 Topps Heritage #6 Jacoby Ellsbury

A Jacoby, some 1980 Topps, Carlton and a Pedro! Steve as always it has been a pleasure trading.
On the back of the 1990 Classic cards there is a space for the player to autograph the card. I'm interested to know if anyone ever had their cards autographed in this space?

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White Sox Cards said...

WOW! Those cards got to you quick! I sent them out on Tuesday.

I'm glad you liked them.