Saturday 31 March 2012

Quiz question 2131

It's the Bulldog himself, so the answer is C.

Question 2008

What was the nickname of the 1906 White Sox World Series team?

a. Sly Sox
b. Hitless Wonders
c. Southside Sluggers
d. Model C's

Friday 30 March 2012

Quiz question 1720

The answer is C Hall of Famer Mickey Cochrane

Question 2131

What was 1988 Series hero Orel Hershisher's nickname?

a. Killer
b. Hero
c.  Bulldog
d. Ace

Thursday 29 March 2012

Quiz question 1998

Of Course it is A 'Crazy Horse' Mike Cuellar
The only pitcher to do so.

Question 1720

Mickey Mantle is named after which famous 'Mickey'?

a. Mickey Rooney
b. Mickey Spillane
c. Mickey Cochrane
d. Mickey Mouse

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Quiz question 578

The answer is B Barry Larkin

Question 1998
Which Orioles pitcher hit a grand slam home run in Game 1 of the 1970 ALCS?
a. Mike Cuellar
b. Jim Palmer
c. Pat Dobson
d. Dick Hall

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Its been a while...

Yes it has, over two months.
Real life again taking over I'm afraid. It is also hard to believe but I haven't bought or obtained any 2012 product so far this year.
I have worked on tiding up some loose ends from 2011, such as Kimball Champions, the Topps baseball sticker album and some of the pesky Jacoby Ellsbury's that seem to evade me.
So until one of these is sets is complete or I get my hot little hands on some 2012 baseball cards...
A question a day from the book I bought from Poundland last year.
 'Obsessed with baseball'
Test your knowledge of America's (favourite) pastime.

There are 2500 randomly generated questions, so this could go on...

Question 578
Who is second on the Reds' all time listwith 379 steals, behind  Joe Morgan's 406?

a. Eric Davis
b. Barry Larkin
c. Dave Concepcion
d. Arlie Latham

Answer and another question tomorrow...