Monday 19 November 2012

2012 Topps Archives Blaster

If you have followed this blog at all in the past 4 years, you will know that one of my favourite baseball cards sets is the 1980 Topps. It's not the prettiest, there are no game used, autographs, short printed, shiny X fractors to find. Just a simple straight 726 cards to collect.
There are some challenges hidden amongst the checklist, everyone knows about the Rickey Henderson RC, but Nolan Ryan, Pete Rose, George Brett and Ozzie Smith are valued pretty high. Just don't tell COMC as there are about 70 Nolan Ryan's for sale, a $15.00 card can be bought for about $1.50, the O-Pee-Chee variation for about $5.00.
Topps used the 1980 design as part of the 2012 Archives and as I one of the card carrying members 1980 Topps Appreciation Society, I felt strongly compelled to collect all 50 cards in the 1980 design.
In an effort to boost my fledgling collection, I purchased a blaster. I would buy a box but the postage costs are too high, etc, etc...I've said it all before.

The blaster contains 8 packs and each pack has 8 picture cards.
Pack 1:
#28 Melky Cabrera Giants
#44 Cal Ripkin Jr Orioles
#84 Nyjer Morgamn Brewers
#136 David Ortiz Red Sox
#139 Ivan Nova Yankees
#187 Nolan Ryan Astros
#190 Josh Hamilton Rangers
#683D-JV Joey Votto

Pack 2:
#34 Jaime Garcia Cardinals
#37 Jose Valverde Tigers
#80 Troy Tulowitzki Rockies
#87 Clay Buchholz Red Sox
#125 David Freese Cardinals
#154 Starlin Castro Cubs
#175 Justin Morneau Twins
#176 Wilie McCovey Giants gold stamp

Pack 3:
#17 Mat Latos Reds
#47 Drew Pomeranz Rockies
#69 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
#98 Johan Santana Mets
#120 Tim Lincecum Giants
#148 R.A.Dickey Mets
#195 Brandon Morrow Blue Jays
#77C-EH Eric Hosmer

Pack 4:
#8 Matt Moore
#12 Pablo Sandoval Giants
#61 Brain McCann Braves
#65 Jordan Zimmermann Nationals
#105 Torii Hunter Angels
#171 Lucas Duda Mets
#151 Stephen Strasburg Nationals
#530 Dave Winfield Padres gold stamp

Pack 5:
#41 Corey Hart Brewers
#42 Aroldis Chapman Reds
#53 Adam Wainwright Cardinals
#67 Justin Verlander Tigers
#118 Desmond Jennings Bay Rays
#141 J.P.Arencibia Blue Jays
#169 Michael Morse Nationals
#67S-TL Tim Lincecum sticker

Pack 6:
#2 Nick Swisher Yankees
#40 Nelson Cruz Rangers
#58 Tommy Hanson Braves
#111 John Axford Brewers
#117 George Brett Royals
#162 Jayson Werth Nationals
#168 Carlos Santana Indians
#69DE-15 Joe Morgan deckle edge

Pack 7:
#78 Micuel Montero D-backs
#94 Anibal Sanchez Marlins
#130 Giancarlo Stanton Marlins
#145 Howie Kendrick Angels
#173 Daniel Hudson D-backs gold parallel
#192 Brad Peacock Athletics
#199 Mark Reynolds Orioles
#218 Dave Righetti Yankees SP

Pack 8:
#18 Tom Seaver Mets
#52 Geovany Soto Cubs
#57 Josh Beckett Red Sox
#102 Dee Gordon Dodgers
#109 Cliff Lee Phillies
#152 Johnny Cueto Reds
#159 David Price Bay Rays
#227 John Olerud Blue Jays SP

Blaster breakdown:
13 1954 Topps
14 1971 Topps
14 1980 Topps (9 needed)
14 1984 Topps
1 gold parallel
2 short prints
2 gold stamped reprints
1 1977 cloth insert
1 1967 sticker
1 1969 deckle edge
1 1968 3D

This is such a nice set.

Thursday 8 November 2012

Do I need more 1980 Topps cards?

A pile of 1980 Topps cards, consisting of 133 cards with no duplicates, became available on ebayUK a few days ago. It has been well over a year since I collected the last few I needed to complete the whole set.
I have a few duplicates tucked safely within a box, my complete set neatly placed in 9 card sleeves (shown below) and the original 84 1980 Topps, the cards that initiated my descent into baseball card collecting in the first place, displayed for my regular enjoyment.

Despite all this, I just couldn't help myself, I had to bid to win these cards.
Why? I don't need them.
There are other cards missing from my collection, I could concentrate on those.
It is no secret that the 1980 Topps is high on my list of favourite sets, but so are the '50's Bowman's
What motivates us poor collectors into accumulating like this?
Am I alone or is there a set of cards that drives you so mad that you just must gathering them?