Sunday 30 November 2008

Trading on 'Sports Card Forums'

Brad, the Reds collector from Hawaii, suggested that I try some of the trading card forums to perhaps get trades going. I was still struggling to find a trade partner for a couple of teams (Are there any Seattle Mariners Fans?) So I signed up to three forums, Hobby Kings, Sports Card Forum and The Bench. I must say I have very, VERY mixed results.

Firstly Hobby Kings. This is where I had the least amount of joy. A simple message introducing myself , about wanting to set up trades and lets take it from there. About 50 views, no bites. I sent personal messages (PM) to about 5 members. Three answers: Don't collect them anymore, Won't trade with the UK and What relic, game used, autos do you have? I sent a list and I can only presume they didn't fit the bill as there was no return reply.

Secondly Sports Card Forum. This is the friendliest place on Earth. To join you must view the 'new members' page, which lists a number of rules about etiquette, setting up trades and general ways to talk on the forums, no bad language, no slagging off other members cards and if you don't abide by the rules- heaven help you. My introduction message was answered 15-20 times. All very polite and friendly. They welcomed me to the forum, I've been to the UK, What do you collect?, etc, etc. Again a simple message of intention on the general baseball forum page; live in the UK, setting up trades, my team for yours, 30-50 cards. A few views, some questions: What game used, relics, autos? PM me a list of what you have. I've been down this road before. I sent personal messages to a few more collectors, about 8 this time. Four answers: PLMK what you have? I had to ask what it meant. Common sense would have told me but when I received the explanation, there was the sudden dawning Ohhhh, you idiot. I replied, but obviously this member does't trade with idiots, no answer. Then success ! A very positive 'Yes lets do it' 50+ Pirates for 50+ Red Sox'. Edward didn't ask for a list, or for what game used relic refractors there was. And there it was! A trade arranged. He was even kind enough to walk me through the trade process. Write that here, fill in the details here, sign on this line, initial next to this, get this bit witnessed by someone you have known for 5 years. After that it was simple. Being new I had to send the cards first, so off they went. Ed sent an email on the 27th November to say '...just to lyk (let you know) the cards arrived Ed'. Great! Cannot wait to see what is sent back. That was it for Sports Card Forum but there were other replies such as ~ LMK what you have, I have just completed a trade for Red Sox and I collect only Mickey Mantle cards. I listed the cards that they asked for but no further trades were arranged, so I'm guessing that the cards were not to their liking.

Thirdly The Bench. I had heard about The Bench, through their collecting of the Yankee Stadium Legacy cards. This had a different feel to the others. Third time an introduction and statement of intent, to set up trades. I had no bites, a couple of welcome aboard messages and that was it. There is a section on The Bench that lists player, team and set collectors, so I sent a PM to just about everyone who collected the teams I had to trade. I was thinking law of averages here. I sent 25 messages saying Hello I'm John from the UK, I would like to set up a trade of Boston Red Sox for your team. I have about 30 -50 cards. I had a banter by now. Honest and straight to the point. The law of averages worked.. sort of. I had 5 replies which led to 3 trades being arranged. Cross the Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins and San Francisco Giants from the list of trading partners. The other two, the Colorado Rockies, only wanted Todd Helton cards (may have been the same collector) and the Seattle Mariners, only wanted Randy Johnson cards. I listed what I had but no reply. I was new , so the cards have to be sent by me first, which is what I prefer anyway. The Minnesota Twins/ Red Sox is now complete. I received some Baseball Heroes cards which I will review in the next post.

My conclusion from what Steve at 'White Sox cards' calls blind trading, if I'm honest positive. I had set out to trade my baseball cards, which I succeeded in doing. I arranged 4 trades for teams that I didn't have a trading partners for. If anything else I learnt some new lingo LMK, PLMK, LYK, PM, in my bucket, WTTF. I also learnt that there are a million and one Boston Red Sox collectors, all after the same cards and just as many Yankees collectors. Maybe I should have picked another team to collect.

Using some pointless figures below I came to the conclusion that Hobby Kings is predominately a Basketball trading site, Sports Card Forum a predominately Football trading site and The Bench a Baseball trading site.

Some pointless facts about the Forums:
Registered members
Hobby Kings 2 182
Sports Card Forum 20 688
The Bench 7 165

Highest numbers of users at one time
Hobby Kings 105
Sports card Forum 1 262
The Bench 398

Baseball Posts
Hobby Kings 9 466
Sports card Forum 1 015 780
The Bench 97 264
Basketball Posts
Hobby Kings 357 837
Sports Card Forum 551 414
The Bench 2 667
Football Posts
Hobby Kings 15 795
Sports Card Forum 1 389 639
The Bench 14 165
Hockey Posts
Hobby Kings 4 489
Sports Card Forum 61 194
The Bench 618

Friday 28 November 2008

Trade with Trader Crack's

There are two collectors that I have been in touch with from Canada, Bill from 'Waxaholic' and Ryan from 'Trader Crack's'. It is an original and informative take on the cards he collects. He doesn't restrict himself to just sports either. He has shared High School Musical, Heroes, Terminator, Buffy, Hellboy, Spiderman, The Hulk and more recently Conan the Barbarian. My personal favourite was the Brady Bunch Thanksgiving cards. Where did you dig those up from? Brilliant.
He is also a Montreal Expo's collector, which I think but I'm not sure, is a rare commodity. You may have to explain the Expo's name sometime though.

Here is the selection I sent Ryan. (Link) Glad he enjoyed them.
And here it is my first package from CANADA, Caslan, Alberta to be exact, which arrived today. To use Ryan's own words enclosed was '...a mix of new, semi-old and points in between. '

1981 O-Pee-Chee #68 Jim Rice
1981 O-Pee-Chee #131 Jerry Remy
1981 O-Pee-Chee #216 Mike Torrez
1981 O-Pee-Chee #239 Rick Miller
1981 O-Pee-Chee #275 Dwight Evans
1981 O-Pee-Chee #349 Glenn Hoffman
1983 O-Pee-Chee #74 Tony Perez
1983 O-Pee-Chee #108 Glenn Hoffman
1983 O-Pee-Chee #126 Carl Yastrzemski
1983 O-Pee-Chee #270 Dennis Eckersley
1991 Conlon Collection #99 Fritz Ostermueller
1991 Conlon Collection #139 Jack Barry
1991 Conlon Collection #141 Ernie Shore
1991 Conlon Collection #143 Herb Pennock
1991 Conlon Collection #189 Marty McManus
1991 Conlon Collection #271 Pinky Higgins
1996 Leaf Studio #25 John Valentin
1996 Topps Stadium Club # 376 John Valentin
1996 Topps Stadium Club #394 Erik Hanson
1996 Topps Stadium Club #426 Mike Stanton
1996 Upper Deck SPX #9 Roger Clemens
1996 Upper Deck SPX #10 Mo Vaughn
1999 Upper Deck #267 Shea Hillenbrand
1999 Upper Deck #323 Reggie Jackson
1999 Upper Deck #325 Tim Wakefield
1999 Upper Deck MVP #34 Troy O'Leary
1999 Upper Deck MVP #35 Donnie Sadler
1999 Upper Deck MVP #36 Mark Portugal
2000 Bowman #191 Juan Pena
2000 Bowman #324 Cesar Saba
2000 MLB Showdown #S2 Big Innings
2000 MLB Showdown #S49 Three up, Three down
2002 Topps #218 Derek Lowe
2002 Topps #336 Derek Lowe
2002 Topps Total #177 Shea Hillenbrand
2002 Topps Total #589 Darren Oliver
2002 Topps Total #747 Eric Glaser
2002 Topps Total #769 Carlos Brackley
2002 Topps Total #810 Casey Fossum
2002 Topps Total #848 Trot Nixon
2002 Topps Total #897 Mauricio Lara
2003 Bazooka #7 Bazooka Joe Red Sox uniform
2003 Bowman Heritage #23 Johnny Damon
2003 Bowman Heritage #54 Trot Nixon
2003 Bowman Heritage #122 Manny Ramirez
2003 Bowman Heritage #175 Jimmy Piersall
2003 Bowman Heritage #203 Dusty Brown
2003 Fleer Tradition #145 Rickey Henderson
2003 Fleer Tradition #192 Shea Hillenbrand
2003 Fleer Tradition #210 Casey Fossum
2003 Fleer Tradition #268 Johnny Damon
2003 Fleer Tradition #325 Freddy Sanchez
2003 Fleer Tradition #444 Josh Hancock
2004 Cracker Jack #27 Bill Mueller
2004 Cracker Jack #78 Derek Lowe
2004 Cracker Jack #120 Pedro Martinez
2004 Cracker jack #151 Kevin Millar
2004 Upper Deck #48 Pedro Martinez
2004 Upper Deck #82 Curt Schilling
2005 Bowman Chrome #133 Edgar Renteria
2006 Leaf Certified Materials #39 Edgar Renteria
2006 Leaf Certified Materials #73 Johnny Damon
2006 Leaf Certified Materials #99 Manny Ramirez
2006 Leaf Certified Materials #156 Kevin Youkilis
2006 Topps Chrome #24 Mark Bellhorn
2006 Topps Chrome #74 Tim Wakefield
2006 Topps Chrome #131 Kevin Millar
2006 Topps Chrome #154 Trot Nixon
2007 Goudey #29 Curt Schilling
2007 Goudey #47 J.D.Drew
2007 Goudey #125 Jonathan Papelbon
2007 Topps #475 Kevin Youkilis
2007 Topps #578 Dustin Pedroia
2007 Topps #609 Terry Francona
2007 Topps #641 Hideki Okajima
2008 Upper Deck Starquest #SQ-18 Manny Ramirez Un-common
Excellent selection Ryan. As to your comment, 'Hope you can find some you need'. There were only about 5 that I already had. Thanks again for the cards.

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Trade with Night Owl part deux

Night Owl cards is not only a fascinating Blog but the best looking blog out there.
Greg and I at Night Owl cards have started trade number two.
Here is the selection I sent over (Link).

Today a package arrived from Watertown New York. Greg included a selection of cards and what a selection! Including the card that started my minor obsession with baseball cards. (Link)
Here are the cards enclosed:
1974 Topps #84 Rick Wise
1974 Topps #427 Bobby Bolin
1980 Topps #2 1979 Highlights Willie McCovey
1980 Topps #4 1979 Highlights Pete Rose
1980 Topps #40 Carlton Fisk
1980 Topps # 125 Tony Perez
1980 Topps #265 Robin Yount
1980 Topps #320 Dennis Eckersley
1980 Topps #400 George Foster
1980 Topps #590 Jim Palmer
1981 Topps Stickers #42 Fred Lynn
1981 Topps Stickers #45 Carl Yastrzemski
1982 Topps #490 Dennis Eckersley
1988 Topps #37 Ed Romero
1988 Topps #245 Rich Gedman
1988 Topps #326 Al Nipper
1988 Topps # 470 Dwight Evans
1988 Topps #493 Mike Greenwell
1988 Topps #525 Marty Barrett
1988 Topps #573 Bob Stanley
1988 Topps #675 Jim Rice
1988 Topps #704 Dennis Boyd
1988 Topps #733 Spike Owen
1988 Topps #757 John Marzano
1988 Topps #784 Joe Sambito
2006 Topps #50 Manny Ramirez
2006 Topps #119 Andy Marte
2006 Topps #135 Josh Beckett
2006 Topps #423 David Ortiz
2006 Topps #436 Keith Foulke
2006 Topps #474 Trot Nixon
2006 Topps #486 Wily Mo Pena
2006 Topps #595 Terry Francona
2006 Topps #618 Craig Hansen
2006 Topps Opening Day #50 Manny Ramirez
2006 Topps Opening day #105 David Ortiz
2006 Topps U+H #179 Manny Ramirez
2006 Sports Illustrated for Kids #19/25 Manny Ramirez
2006 Sports Illustrated for Kids #21 /25 David Ortiz
2007 Topps #11 Julio Lugo
2007 Topps #16 Jason Varitek
2007 Topps #56 Mark Loretta
2007 Topps #116 Tim Wakefield
2007 Topps #142 Trot Nixon
2007 Topps #264 David Murphy
2008 Topps Heritage # 265 Jon Lester
2008 Topps Stars #TS4 Josh Beckett
2008 Topps U+H #46 Kevin Youkilis
2008 UD Baseball Heroes #27 Josh Beckett charcoal
Greg there are some absolute gems in here.
Thanks for the cards.

Monday 24 November 2008

Goudey Base completed.

It may not seem like that big of a deal, but I have completed the base set of 2008 Goudey.
The last four cards I needed arrived from Sports card Forum friend Jo.
#20 Jeremy Guthrie
#44 Jim Thome
#96 Brad Penny
#174 Chris Duncan
There are a still a few short prints still to collect in particular the Red Sox cards.

Sunday 23 November 2008

Set Collecting

You have got to admire the set collectors, not just your Topps 1980 or the latest Allen+Ginter release. I mean the sets that you really have to search for. What did people do before the conception of e-bay or even pre-that , the Internet? Or maybe e-bay has brought to the world a newer type of collector?
I love this blog: (Red Heart Dog Food)
As the writer pursues , what looks to be a very rare baseball set that was obtained through 'dog food'. Not only is it a lovely looking set but you have to admire the dedication to the collection. I have to wonder how often do these cards come up for sale?

On the same theme - a fellow participant on the Sports card UK forum, Warren, is collecting the 07-08 Ultimate Collection Basketball Signatures Cards. He currently has 35 of the 52 card set. Again dedication to this particular set is amazing and it has cost him a penny or two. (Link)

Warren and collectors like myself rely heavily on e-bay, in particular ebay US, for our set building. There are no card shops that sell baseball, basketball, hockey or gridiron cards in the UK. If there is an importer, we have yet to find them. We are sometimes lucky when a person in the UK visits the USofA and then sells what they bought on e-bay. There are a couple of American sports card sellers on e-bay UK, maybe one or two baseball sellers and very rarely packs of cards. It is usually game used, relics, autographs or rare super refactor xfactor short prints, which doesn't help the set builders or team collectors like myself.
I have picked up a few older cards from the 50's, 60's and 70's from a seller called 'Aljo'. He, like a magician from the magic circle, keeps his secrets and will not divulge where his supply of cards come from.

This is why I have enjoyed trading with collectors in the USofA. I have been able to refine my collection to just BoSox, while hopefully helping others build their sets of other teams.
Long may it continue.

Friday 21 November 2008

Trade with Andy

Andy looks as if he goal driven. First the Topps 1988 set, then the Topps 1978 set.
I contacted Andy a while ago to see if I could trade. At the time he was busy completing the 2008 Goudey set and so a recent message that he had some cards to help in my own pursuit of the set was greatly received. When he said he had some cards, he meant it, 46 cards to be exact.
All of them needed to advance further to my goal. (Link)
This left me only 4 short of the first 200 base set. This will be the first set that I have completed in many, many years.
What did Andy want in return? 1971 and 1973 Topps for another blog he intends to write. Two of the many great sets from the 70's, wish I had thought of it first. I will be following carefully as he tries to complete his task and helping where I can.
As a bonus he added some Red Sox:
1993 Upper Deck #618 Billy Hatcher
1993 Upper Deck #630 Roger Clemens checklist
1998 Zenith #Z1 Nomar Garciaparra huge card!
2008 UD Baseball Heroes #19 Mike Lowell
2008 UD Baseball Heroes #19 Mike Lowell charcoal
2008 UD Baseball Heroes #33 Carl Yastrzemski
2008 UD Baseball Heroes #186 Manny Ramirez
2008 UD Baseball Heroes #186 Manny Ramirez charcoal
The complete Red Sox 2008 Goudey

Thanks Andy for the cards, but you have given me a dilemma~ what to pursue next....2007 or 2008 Masterpieces?

Thursday 20 November 2008

Card collecting

I was reading Indians cards always and found it very amusing that he took photographs of the area of the house he stores his card collections.
It was like looking in a mirror.
I live an ocean and a huge chunk of land apart from most baseball card collectors but find we have more in common than I realised.
Is it just men? (or boys!) who need some sort of order in our lives. My wife calls it anal. I call it organised. My parents tell me, when I was a child I would line my matchbox cars up by size, then colour , then... well you get the picture.
But I thought I would share my baseball section of the house to show even across the pond -card collecting is card collecting.This is my baseball oasis in our house~ labelled folders by year, books, bobble heads, packing supplies, trade pile, trade packages to go out, Sports Illustrated and baseball stuff!

Wednesday 19 November 2008

Trade with Texas Rangers Cards

Sent out a few trade packages recently.
Glad that they have finally made it!
This is what Texas Rangers Cards thought of the package. (Link)
A 8 out of 30 ratio isn't bad but not great. Its funny that people are surprised by the inclusion of an auto or game used card. I didn't realise that they were still popular. If I have one, I will include it in the package.

The return package arrived today. Robert has included the one base Red Sox 2008 Goudey that has eluded me CLAY BUCHHOLZ-finally! plus
2008 Topps Update and Highlights 68 Jonathan Papelbon
2008 Topps Update and Highlights 107 Jason Varitek
2 packs of 2008 Goudey.
I love bust packs, it doesn't matter if I have the cards already, there is just something about busting packs.
Thanks Spiff, I have build up another 30+ cards and will post them out soon.

Monday 17 November 2008

Sports Card collecting UK

We have a small band of followers in the UK, who conduct a forum called Sports Cards UK.
Check it out to see what collectors across the pond are doing!

(Sports Card Forum UK)

Sunday 16 November 2008

Trade with Shoebox Legends

Shane from Shoebox Legends and I appear to have quite a bit in common, not just the Boston Red Sox, but Oddball and vintage baseball card collecting too. I have read with great interest as he hammers away at the 1953 Topps set. When I enquired about a trade and he agreed, I went through my cards looking for something of interest. I must have hit a good note because a 'box' of cards arrived yesterday from Johnston, Rhode Island.

Here what we have inside:

44 cards from the 1980 Topps set,
9 cards from the 2008 Goudey set,
A pack of 1989 Topps Double Headers,
A pack of 1986 Topps Leaders,
A pack of 1991 NHL series 1,
A pack of 2005 Upper Deck All Star classic plus...

1982 Topps #274 Bob Ojeda
1982 Topps #322 Garry Hancock
1982 Topps #522 Chuck Rainey
1982 Topps #589 Dave Stapleton
1986 Topps leaders #4 Dennis Boyd
1986 Topps leaders #5 Dwight Evans
1986 Topps leaders #6 Bruce Hurst
1994 Score #113 John Dopson
1994 Score #139 Scott Bankhead
1994 Score #192 Danny Darwin
1994 Score #221 Bob Zupcic
1994 Score #272 Greg Harris
1994 Score #313 John Flaherty
1994 Score #331 Frank Viola
1994 Score #363 Tony Pena
1994 Score #367 Scott Fletcher
1994 Topps #169 Scott Fletcher
1994 Topps #197 John Flaherty
1998 Score #11 Steve Avery
2004 Bowman Heritage #177 Orlando Cabrera
2005 Upper Deck Allstar Classics #22 Jason Varitek
2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants #68 Rico Petrocelli
2007 Bowman Heritage #BHP26 Mark Wagner
2007 Bowman Heritage #BHP72 Thomas Hottovy
2007 Goudey #29 Curt Schilling red
2007 Goudey #32 David Ortiz green
2007 Goudey #47 J.D. Drew green
2007 Goudey #54 Jason Varitek red
2007 Goudey #54 Jason Varitek green
2007 Goudey #74 Manny Ramirez green
2007 Topps Heritage #1 David Ortiz
2007 Topps Heritage #18 Josh Beckett
2007 Topps Heritage #162 Kevin Youkilis
2007 Topps Heritage #260 Mike Lowell
2007 Topps Heritage #353 Jason Varitek
2007 Topps Update + Highlights #UH232 Jonathan Papelbon
2007 Turkey Red #9 Josh Beckett
2007 Turkey Red #120 Manny Ramirez
2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces #22 Babe Ruth
2008 Topps #26 Season Highlights
2008 Topps #174 Julian Tavarez
2008 Topps #296 Tim Wakefield
2008 Upper Deck series 1 #224 Hideki Okajima
2008 Upper Deck series 1 #227 Dustin Pedroia
2008 Upper Deck series 2 #435 Jacoby Ellsbury
2008 Upper Deck series 2 #745 Kevin Youkilis
2008 Upper Deck series 2 #795 Josh Beckett

Shane threw in everything bar the kitchen sink. Thanks Shane. I really hope that we can trade again.

Belated, but here is the selection I set Shane -

Shoebox Legends trade on the 4th January 2009

Saturday 15 November 2008

Trade with Capewood Collections

Here is another trade with Cliff. he was one of the first collectors to send some cards back. A seasoned collector, so I was pleased he needed about half the cards I send. Always a pleasure Cliff.
Thursday November 13th 2008

Friday 14 November 2008

Trade with Brad from Hawaii

I'm not sure how I came to be in contact with Brad. I was pretty impressed when he said he was from Hawaii though. Besides the fact it's another state to add to the list of 'Trading States'. This is Hawaii ! When I was growing up I loved Magnum PI, it always looked like such an idyllic place. In my mind everyone drove a Ferrari and wore Hawaiian shirts (and probably had moustaches as well).
Brad as well as being a Hawaiian resident, is a Cincinnati Reds fan. The offereing from Waikoloa, Hawaii was:
1995 Fleer #7/20 Roger Clemens
1997 Pinnacle Denny's #3 of 29 Mo Vaughn
2000 Pinnacle Team 2000 #15 of 80 Tim Naehring
2008 Allen + Ginter #US22 Jason Varitek
2008 Allen + Ginter #200 David Ortiz
2008 Topps Chrome #20 Mike Lowell
2008 Topps Chrome #147 Josh Beckett
2008 Topps Heritage #220 Mike Lowell
2008 Upper Deck Series 1 #384 Clay Buchholz
2008 Upper Deck X #13 Manny Ramirez
Thanks for the great trade Brad. I will have to look out for more of the Denny's cards.

Saturday 8 November 2008

Packaging baseball cards for trade

Can I call this blog -'Pursuit of 80's(ness)' anymore. My idea was to keep a record of collecting the 1980 Topps set but that has sidelined a bit as the trades start to complete.
This has become a record of trades and little else. I never expected so many cards. I had (have) a stack of cards to sort and go out to people who collect or support specific teams. I will try to list them at a later date, but there are still some teams I am struggling to find a decent home. All credit to the collectors out there no-one has refused a trade.
I have however, a question - 'Is the packaging I use enough?' The cards arriving from the US are packaged so well, people have used toploaders, plastic boxes, package pellets, card, newspaper, which by the way, is very interesting to read. So serious question- 'Am I using too little packaging?'

Thursday 6 November 2008

Trade with White Sox Cards Part Three

When I first accidentally stumbled across baseball card blogs, White Sox Cards was actually the first one that I read. It became my staple diet on baseball cards. From there it lead to others but I always found myself coming back to White Sox Cards for his interesting take on the cards, discussion of White Sox games and general baseball 'Stuff'.
I wasn't knowledgeable or brave enough to comment but read for many months before I finally thought I would like to contribute in some way. I searched his wants page and came up with about 10 cards he needed. Suffice to say I send them and he posted them on his blog. Since then I have a stack of white Sox cards building slowly and as they reach about 30 cards I send them. He has most but is always, always happy to receive them. He was generous enough to send some cards back too.
Here is the recent selection I sent to Steve~

Wednesday 5 November 2008

Trade with Taste Like Dirt

I was really glad to find Jim at Taste Like Dirt. Firstly because he was an Oakland A's collector and willing to trade. I received a nice box of Red Sox cards from Sonora, California. (Check off another state) Red Sox cards enclosed were:

1988 Donruss #634 Wes Gardner
1988 Score #403 Bob Woodward
1989 Donruss #541 Wes Gardner
1989 Fleer #84 Rick Cerone
1989 Fleer #89 Rich Gedman
1989 Score #66 Mike Greenwell
1989 Score #325 Bruce Hurst
1989 Score #345 Rich Gedman
1989 Score #371 Todd Benzinger
1989 Score #383 Bob Stanley
1989 Score #403 Mike Smithson
1989 Score #486 Jody Reed
1989 Score #495 Larry Parrish
1989 Score #508 Dennis Lamp
1989 Score #549 Mike Bodicker
1989 Score #660 Sox Sock 'em
1989 Score #623 Carlos Quintana
1990 Bowman #227 Scott Cooper
1990 Fleer #272 John Dopson
1990 Fleer #269 Ellis Burke
1990 Fleer #275 Wes Gardner
1990 Fleer #277 Mike Greenwell
1990 Fleer #280 Dennis Lamp
1990 Fleer #282 Joe Price
1990 Fleer #286 Kevin Romine
1990 Fleer #289 Bob Stanley
1990 Fleer #632 Boggs/Greenwell
1990 Score #543 Eric Hetzel
1990 Upper Deck #354 Mike Greenwell
1990 Upper Deck #673 Eric Hertzel
1991 Donruss #347 Dana Kiecker
1991 Topps #189 Daryl Irvine
1991 Topps #269 Joe Hesketh
1991 Topps #338 Luis Rivera
1991 Topps #356 Mike Marshall
1991 Topps #375 Tony Pena
1991 Topps #463 Dwight Smith
1991 Topps #542 Rob Murphy
1991 Topps #605 Jeff Reardon
1991 Topps #629 Wes Gardner
1991 Topps #702 Tim Naehring
1991 Upper Deck #5 Mo Vaughn
1991 Upper Deck #22 Scott Cooper
1991 Upper Deck #41 Larry Anderson
1991 Upper Deck #165 Mike Greenwell
1991 Upper Deck #182 Luis Rivera
1991 Upper Deck #184 Jody Reed
1991 Upper Deck #214 Wes Gardner
1991 Upper Deck #232 Carlos Quintana
1991 Upper Deck #418 Jeff Reardon
1991 Upper Deck #436 Ellis Burke
1991 Upper Deck #507 Dana Kiecker
1991 Upper Deck #527 Tim Naehring
1991 Upper Deck #681 Mike Marshall
1991 Upper Deck #685 Jeff Gray
1992 Donruss #89 Jeff Reardon
1992 Donruss #2990 Mike Gardiner
1992 Donruss #330 Kevin Morton
1992 Score #836 Wayne Housie
1992 Score #850 Bob Zupcic
1992 Score Select #214 Mo Vaughn
1992 Stadium Club #49 Greg Harris
1992 Stadium Club #115 Kevin Morton
1992 Stadium Club #144 Tony Fossas
1992 Upper Deck #110 Tom Bolton
1992 Upper Deck #501 Jeff Reardon
1993 Upper Deck #185 Tony Pena
1993 Upper Deck #396 Mo Vaughn
1994 Donruss #469 Danny Darwin
1994 Donruss #484 Nate Minchey
1994 Upper Deck #187 Mike Greenwell
1994 UD Collectors Choice #278 John Valentin
1999 Fleer Ultra #6 Troy O'Leary
1999 Skybox Thunder # 233 John Valentin
1999 Topps #333 Tim Wakefield
2000 Fleer Tradition #293 Red Sox
2000 Skybox # 23 Jason Varitek
2000 UD Victory #247 Jason Varitek
2001 Fleer Platinum #91 Derek Lowe
2002 Fleer Platinum #154 Tony Clark
2003 Topps Opening Day #145 Derek Lowe
2003 Topps Opening Day #164 Derek Lowe
2004 Topps #355 Season Highlights
2005 Topps #UH154 David Ortiz
2006 Topps #183 Tim Wakefield
2006 Topps #UH279 Willy Mota
2007 Topps Turkey Red #378 Coco Crisp
2008 Topps Chrome #6 Daisuke Matsuzaka
2008 Upper Deck X #11 Daisuke Matsuzaka
2008 Upper Deck X #12 David Ortiz
Plus a pack of
2008 Upper Deck X
2008 Topps Allen+Ginter.
Whew I grand old selection of cards. Thanks Jim!

Tuesday 4 November 2008

Trade with Stats on the Back

Mark, a Mets collector and writer of the impressive 'Stats on the Back' and I have exchanged in a trade.

This package arrived from Durham in North Carolina. Mark sent a wide variety of Boston Red Sox cards. Here's what was enclosed:

1969 Topps #189 Joe LaHoud & John Thibdeau
1970 Topps #39 Mike Nagy
1970 Topps #104 Gerry Moses
1973 Topps #143 John Curtis
1974 Topps Boston Checklist
1981 Fleer #230 Don Zimmer
1981 Fleer #232 Dwight Evans
1980 Topps #275 Dwight Evans
1982 Coca Cola #13 Bob Ojeda
1982 Coca Cola #21 John Tudor
1985 Drake's Bakeries #1 Tony Armas
1986 Donruss #11 Wade Boggs
1986 Donruss #13 Wade Boggs
1986 Sportsflics #41 Tom Seaver
1986 Topps Collectors Series #5 Bill Buckner
1987 Fleer Update #U37 Mike Greenwell
1987 Hygrade All-time greats #18 Jimmie Foxx
1987 Hygrade All-time greats #48 Ted Williams
1987 Topps Collector Series #5/33 Jim Rice
1987 Topps Collector Series #10/33 Wade Boggs
1987 Topps Mini #A Don Baylor
1988 Fleer #630 Greenwell/Burks/Benzinger
1988 Topps #493 Mike Greenwell
1988 Topps American baseball cards #22 Dwight Evans
1998 Topps Revco #24 Dwight Evans
1990 CMC Pawtucket #21 Phil Planter
1990 Donruss #14 Mike Greenwell
1990 Swell #96 Bobby Doerr
1992 Donruss #210 Wade Boggs
1994 UD Collectors Choice #322 Roger Clemens
1994 UD Collectors Choice #412 Andre Dawson
1995 Donruss #521 Willie McGee
1996 Bazooka #85 Mo Vaughn
1997 Donruss Elite #52 Jose Canseco
1998 Pacific Aurora #21 Mo Vaughn
1999 Victory #454 Wade Boggs
2000 Topps Certified Autographs #TTA13 Brad Baker
2003 Topps Opening Day #25 Cliff Floyd
2005 Topps Chrome #24 mark Bellhorn
2006 Fleer Tradition #149 Jason Varitek
2006 Upper Deck #335 Todd Walker
2007 Topps #475 Kevin Youkilis
2008 Topps #4 David Ortiz
2008 Topps #258 Ramirez and Youkilis
2008 UD Masterpiece #25 Carl Yastrzemski
2008 UD Masterpiece #90 Curt Schilling

Dover reprint 1887 Allen+Ginter Mike Kelly
Dover reprint 1909 T206 Piedmont Bill Carrigan
1 packet 1987 Donruss baseball cards
1 packet 1988 Donruss baseball cards

Wow a real spread form 1969 to 2008. Thanks Mark.