Friday 9 May 2014

Is this a legitimate card?

Simple question.
Is this a legitimate card? 
A few of these cards from 2003 have turned up on e-Bay ranging from the $99 price range to $9.

The $99 card does little to explain the pedigree except to say it is 'extremely rare' and it is 'Jacoby's first rookie card from summer ball in Alaska'. 

The $9 card explains in greater detail, and there are 10 available. 
'This is Jacoby Ellsbury amateur baseball card. The Alaska Summer League is a amateur only league for young college players on the west coast to play in all summer. ITS NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY PRO-LEAGUE.   All the players don't (sic)get paid. This was made by the team it appears. This is NOT a mainstream issued card. The team had them made in town and they are on card stock.'
 However the picture is terrible and it is possible that anyone with decent scanner/printer and equipment could whip up their own.  The seller, although has a few negative feedbacks, appears to be legit.
It would be a nice addition to the collection but is it the real thing?