Sunday 22 April 2012

Finally 2012 Topps baseball Stickers

 Finally some 2012 product that I can get into. Thanks to my friend Waxaholic, the 2012 album and 8 packets of stickers are all mine.
Who says you need to complete the 2011 album before starting the 2012. It's alright to have numerous collecting pursuits going at the same time, surely?
Follow my attempts to complete the 2011 sticker album and the 2012 sticker album.(Help in any way you can!)
So onto the 8 packs Waxaholic sent my way.
Pack 1:
I don't object to mascots being inlcuded in the set but two in one pack?

Pack 2: 

 Pack 3:

Pack 4: 

Pack 5: 

Pack 6: 

Pack 7: 

Pack 8:

I'm saving that for 'Pursuit of Red Sox'

From the 7 packs:
 4 logos, 2 Highlights and 5 mascots.

Friday 20 April 2012

Quiz question 761

Answer C 1971 Washington Senators.
The last game before moving onto Texas.

Final question as I have finally received some 2012 baseball related product in the form of 2012 Topps stickers.
My friend Big B to the rescue!!!!!

Thursday 19 April 2012

Quiz question 514

Answer C Maury Wills
In order of all time steals:
 7th Eddie Collins (744),
8th Arlie Latham (739),
10th Honus Wagner (722) and
19th Maury Wills (586)

Question 761

This team had to forfeit its last game before  moving on to another city despite leading 7-5 with two outs in the ninth inning because fans stormed the field. What team was it?

a. 1957 Brooklyn Dodgers
b. 1957 New York Giants
c. 1971 Washington Senators
d. 1965 Milwaukee Braves

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Quiz question 1953

Answer C. Lou Piniella

Question 514

Which one of these palyers does not rank among the top 10 steal leaders of all time?

a. Arlie Latham
b. Eddie Collins
c. Maury Wills
d. Honus Wagner

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Quiz question 382

Answer A Dale Mohorcic
Once accused of swallowing sandpaper.

Question 1953
Who managed the Seattle Mariners and Cincinnati Reds in League Championship Series competition?

a. John McNamara
b. Davey Johnson
c. Lou Pinella
d. Mike Hargrove

Monday 16 April 2012

Quiz question 1958

Answer C Dennis Eckersley (HoF 2004)
Inventor of the phrase 'Walk off home run'
Question 382

The Dodgers' Mike Marshall set a big league record by pitching in 13 consecutive games in 1974. Which player equaled the mark 12 years later?

a. Dale Mohorcic
b. Craig Lfferts
c. Roger McDowell
d. Lance McCullers

Sunday 15 April 2012

Quiz Question 1260

Answer B Alonso.
Mordecai Peter Centennial 'Three Fingers' Brown.

Question 1958
Which relief pitcher saved all three victories for the Cardinals in the 1996  NLDS?

a. Rick Honeycutt
b. Andy Benes
c. Dennis Eckersley
d. Mark Petkovsek

Saturday 14 April 2012

Quiz question 1253

Answer A Boston Red Sox
It was one of seven he pitched in his career.

Question 1260

Which was not part  of the real name of the Hall of Fame hurler known as 'Three-Finger' Brown (HoF 1949).

a. Peter
b. Alonzo
c. Centennial
d. Mordecai

Friday 13 April 2012

Quiz question 1804

Answer of course is B Derek Lowe

Question 1253

Against which team did Jim Bunning (HoF 1996), in 1958 with Detroit, throw the first of his two no-hitters?

a. Boston Red Sox
b. New York Yankees
c. Chicago White Sox
d. Kansas City Royals

Thursday 12 April 2012

Quiz question 2169

Answer B 10-4
Yogi once famously said, 'You can observe alot by watching'

Question 1804

Who is the only pitcher to get the win in the clinching game of three straight postseason games?

a. Mariano Rivera
b. Derek Lowe
c. Randy Johnson
d. Dennis Eckersley

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Presstime Repacks

 A quick pause from the questions, as I have received my first cards for 2012. Technically I was waiting for cards from 2012 but I'm not going to be picky. These two Presstime Repacks come from 'A Dollar Store', not 'The Dollar Store' (Are there many versions?), as the person who bought these back from the US wasn't able to tell me exactly.
Before I even opened the packs, I knew that these packs would contain many 1989-1994 era cards, they just have that aura around them that shouts cheap! The parent from school who bought them back was excited that they had found more baseball cards and I didn't want to appear ungrateful. It was nice that they thought about me again.
A quick search of PressTime doesn't give away too much information, except they were founded in 2006 with the goal of bringing value and excitement back to the sports collectibles marketplace.
These should be opened in Pursuit of Red Sox, but I have some packs from Big B waiting in the wings.
So PressTime what exciting cards await in these two interesting packs.

Pack 1:
1984 Topps #440 Fernando Velenzuela Dodgers
1988 Donruss #62 Steve Bedrosian Phillies
1988 Score #547 Steve Henderson Athletics
1988 Score #164 Ken Caminiti Astros
1989 Topps #632 Bryan Harvey Angels
1990 Donruss #21 Tommy Herr DK Phillies
1990 Donruss #532 Atlee Hammaker Giants
1990 Fleer #574 Jose Alvarez Braves
1991 Upper Deck #421 Willies Randolph Athletics
1991 Topps #449 Juan Berenguer Twins
1992 Donruss #715 Checklist
1992 Upper Deck #584 Mike Simms Astros
1993 Bowman #113 Rick Sutcliffe Orioles
1993 Upper Deck #657 Gene Harris Padres
1994 Pinnacle #145 Allen Watson Cardinals
1994 Pinnacle #159 Mickey Morandini Phillies
1994 Topps #22T Mark Portugal Giants
2001 Fleer Platinum #365 Jose Mesa Phillies
2001 Fleer Greats #40 Joe Carter Blue Jays
2002 Fleer Fall classic #52 Johnny Podres Dodgers
2004 Topps #650 Houston Astros

Exciting? I have decided to implement a new symbol on packs that reveal no Red Sox, thanks to Cardboard Junkie. The 'I No Draw Sox' Pony. Just to show disgust or regret at pulling no sox.

Onto Pack 2:
1986 Fleer #18 Dan Quisenberry Royals
1987 Topps #132 Paul Assenmacher Braves
1990 Score #264 Omar Vizquel Mariners
1990 Topss #563 Alex Sanchez Blue Jays
1991 Bowman #605 Tim Belcher Dodgers
1991 Donruss #244 Tommy Gregg Braves
1991 Donruss #347 Dana Kiecker Red Sox
1991 Score #793 Sandy Alomar Jr Indians
1991 Upper Deck Bret Saberhagen Royals
1991 Upper Deck #444 Rickey Henderson Athletics
1991 Upper Deck #523 Danny Turtabull Royals
1992 Upper Deck # 117 Jim Leyritz Yankees
1993 Leaf #194 Bill Swift Giants
1993 Leaf #312 Alex Cole Rockies
1993 Stadium Club #571 Gerald Williams Yankees
1993 Topps #622 Ben Rivera Phillies
2001 Upper Deck MVP #42 Steve Cox Bay Rays
2001 Upper Deck MVP #146 Jorge Posada Yankees
2002 Donruss Fan Club #13 Cliff Floyd Marlins
2008 Topps #3of4 checklist
So I was a little incorrect.
There were cards from later than 1994 and earlier than 1989. A solitary Red Sox and it wasn't that interesting.

Quiz question 1202

Answer D Garry Templeton
"If I ain't startin', I ain't departin'!"

Question 2169

In Yogi Berra's 14 World Series appearnaces, what was the overall record of Yogi's Yankees?

a. 8-6
b. 10-4
c. 12-2
d. 6-8

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Quiz question 1605

Answer C Mike Hampton
When he signed for the Rockies in 2000, at the time, it was the largest contract in sports history.
He was traded in 2002.

Question 1202

Which Cardinals shortstop never won a Golden Glove award?

a. Ozzie Smith
b. Dal Maxvill
c. Edgar Renteria
d. Garry Templeton

Monday 9 April 2012

Quiz question 2423

Answer C Steve Garvey 'Mr Clean'

Question 1605

Name the rockies pitcher who homered seven times in 2001 to equal the National League record.

a. Denny Neagle
b. Shawn Chacon
c. Mike Hampton
d. Pedro Astacio

Sunday 8 April 2012

Quiz question 2447

Answer A 'Bullet' Bob Feller.
Another Hall of Famer.

Question 2423

Who played the most All-Star Games at first base?

a. Lou Gehrig
b. Stan Musial
c. Steve Garvey
d. Frank Thomas

Saturday 7 April 2012

Quiz question 2302

Answer B 1950
That's 62 years of dedication.

Question 2447

Who is the first pitcher of modern times to pitch three no-hitters in his career?

a. Bob Feller
b. Sandy Koufax
c. Nolan Ryan
d. Jim Bunning

Friday 6 April 2012

Quiz question 547

The answer is C Hall of Famer Lou Brock.

Question 2302

What year did Vin Scully begin calling Dodgers games on the radio?

a. 1945
b. 1950
c. 1954
d. 1957.

Thursday 5 April 2012

Quiz question 2220

Answer A Huntington Avenue Grounds
Home of the Boston Americans and built on a former circus lot.

Question 547

Who is the only man to steal seven bases in a seven game World Series? He did it twice!

a.Frank Frisch
b. Edgar Renteria
c. Lou Brock
d. Bert Campaneris

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Quiz question 1623

Answer C Travis Hafner
High school Valedictorian 'Pronk' is tied with Don Mattingly for this honour.

Question 2220
What ballpark was the site of the first World Series game in 1903?

a. Huntington Avenue Grounds
b. Braves Field
c. Fenway Park
d. Exposition Field

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Quiz question 350

Answer B Grover Alexander
Hall of famer and the subject of a movie starring Doris Day.

Question 1623
Which player equalled the Major League record for grand slams in a season (six) in 2008?

a. Ryan Howard
b. David Ortiz
c. Travis Hafner
d. Adam Dunn

Monday 2 April 2012

Quiz question 870

Answer C 14 years.
Starting way, way back in 1992.

Question 350

Who was the first pitcher to lead the league in wins, strikeouts, and ERA (the unofficial triple crown) in the same season in back to back years?
a. Walter Johnson
b. Grover Alexander
c. Sandy Koufax
d. Roger Clemens

Sunday 1 April 2012

Quiz question 2008

The answer is B The Hitless Wonders
so called because the teams batting average was .230.

Question 870

The Atlanta Braves hold the big league record for consecutive division titles. Their streak ended in 2006 at how many in a row?

a. 10
b. 12
c. 14
d. 16