Monday 19 November 2012

2012 Topps Archives Blaster

If you have followed this blog at all in the past 4 years, you will know that one of my favourite baseball cards sets is the 1980 Topps. It's not the prettiest, there are no game used, autographs, short printed, shiny X fractors to find. Just a simple straight 726 cards to collect.
There are some challenges hidden amongst the checklist, everyone knows about the Rickey Henderson RC, but Nolan Ryan, Pete Rose, George Brett and Ozzie Smith are valued pretty high. Just don't tell COMC as there are about 70 Nolan Ryan's for sale, a $15.00 card can be bought for about $1.50, the O-Pee-Chee variation for about $5.00.
Topps used the 1980 design as part of the 2012 Archives and as I one of the card carrying members 1980 Topps Appreciation Society, I felt strongly compelled to collect all 50 cards in the 1980 design.
In an effort to boost my fledgling collection, I purchased a blaster. I would buy a box but the postage costs are too high, etc, etc...I've said it all before.

The blaster contains 8 packs and each pack has 8 picture cards.
Pack 1:
#28 Melky Cabrera Giants
#44 Cal Ripkin Jr Orioles
#84 Nyjer Morgamn Brewers
#136 David Ortiz Red Sox
#139 Ivan Nova Yankees
#187 Nolan Ryan Astros
#190 Josh Hamilton Rangers
#683D-JV Joey Votto

Pack 2:
#34 Jaime Garcia Cardinals
#37 Jose Valverde Tigers
#80 Troy Tulowitzki Rockies
#87 Clay Buchholz Red Sox
#125 David Freese Cardinals
#154 Starlin Castro Cubs
#175 Justin Morneau Twins
#176 Wilie McCovey Giants gold stamp

Pack 3:
#17 Mat Latos Reds
#47 Drew Pomeranz Rockies
#69 Ryan Zimmerman Nationals
#98 Johan Santana Mets
#120 Tim Lincecum Giants
#148 R.A.Dickey Mets
#195 Brandon Morrow Blue Jays
#77C-EH Eric Hosmer

Pack 4:
#8 Matt Moore
#12 Pablo Sandoval Giants
#61 Brain McCann Braves
#65 Jordan Zimmermann Nationals
#105 Torii Hunter Angels
#171 Lucas Duda Mets
#151 Stephen Strasburg Nationals
#530 Dave Winfield Padres gold stamp

Pack 5:
#41 Corey Hart Brewers
#42 Aroldis Chapman Reds
#53 Adam Wainwright Cardinals
#67 Justin Verlander Tigers
#118 Desmond Jennings Bay Rays
#141 J.P.Arencibia Blue Jays
#169 Michael Morse Nationals
#67S-TL Tim Lincecum sticker

Pack 6:
#2 Nick Swisher Yankees
#40 Nelson Cruz Rangers
#58 Tommy Hanson Braves
#111 John Axford Brewers
#117 George Brett Royals
#162 Jayson Werth Nationals
#168 Carlos Santana Indians
#69DE-15 Joe Morgan deckle edge

Pack 7:
#78 Micuel Montero D-backs
#94 Anibal Sanchez Marlins
#130 Giancarlo Stanton Marlins
#145 Howie Kendrick Angels
#173 Daniel Hudson D-backs gold parallel
#192 Brad Peacock Athletics
#199 Mark Reynolds Orioles
#218 Dave Righetti Yankees SP

Pack 8:
#18 Tom Seaver Mets
#52 Geovany Soto Cubs
#57 Josh Beckett Red Sox
#102 Dee Gordon Dodgers
#109 Cliff Lee Phillies
#152 Johnny Cueto Reds
#159 David Price Bay Rays
#227 John Olerud Blue Jays SP

Blaster breakdown:
13 1954 Topps
14 1971 Topps
14 1980 Topps (9 needed)
14 1984 Topps
1 gold parallel
2 short prints
2 gold stamped reprints
1 1977 cloth insert
1 1967 sticker
1 1969 deckle edge
1 1968 3D

This is such a nice set.

Thursday 8 November 2012

Do I need more 1980 Topps cards?

A pile of 1980 Topps cards, consisting of 133 cards with no duplicates, became available on ebayUK a few days ago. It has been well over a year since I collected the last few I needed to complete the whole set.
I have a few duplicates tucked safely within a box, my complete set neatly placed in 9 card sleeves (shown below) and the original 84 1980 Topps, the cards that initiated my descent into baseball card collecting in the first place, displayed for my regular enjoyment.

Despite all this, I just couldn't help myself, I had to bid to win these cards.
Why? I don't need them.
There are other cards missing from my collection, I could concentrate on those.
It is no secret that the 1980 Topps is high on my list of favourite sets, but so are the '50's Bowman's
What motivates us poor collectors into accumulating like this?
Am I alone or is there a set of cards that drives you so mad that you just must gathering them?

Saturday 20 October 2012

Confessions of a Collector Part 3

Wow I forgot that I had written a third part to this about a book by Hunter Davies.
To jog the memory Part 1, Part 2.
I have just completed a very interesting book about collecting by the journalist Hunter Davies. He writes with such as easy and friendly style that you are drawn in. A little hint of you wants to get on the phone and call to say -'Hey I collected that...'
In Confessions of a Collector, Hunter maps the course of his collecting obsessions. He refers to his collecting as 'obsessive' because that is what he becomes, absolutely obsessed, with collecting every possible item he can. He rarely refuses to an offer of items relating to his collections.
The Beatles are his longest and most expensive collecting obsession, but he doesn't draw the line there. His collections span subjects such as football, autographs, suffragettes, Penny Black stamps, Prime Ministers, Coronation mugs, magazines and other pieces of assorted ephemera like postcards, invoices and letters from the Victorian era. He never apologises for collecting, but it is obvious that he a little troubled by his need to keep matchboxes, napkins and coasters from places he visits.
There is an pause in the showcasing of his collections, a chapter called 'Joys and Pains of Collecting.' In this interlude he asks: 'Why do we collect?' and 'What is the joy in collecting?' Questions I have asked myself many times.
Why...oh why...?
Being a cleverer gent than myself, Hunter has determined that there are 9 reasons why people (although not exclusively, but mostly men) collect.
1. Hunter-Gathering.
Apparently going back to ancient roots. There is delight in going out foraging, looking for treasure, or even scraps that might just turn out to be interesting. It takes cunning, patience and knowledge to bag the 'Big One'- just like hunting. The more you collect , the less likely you will come home empty handed, without a kill.
2. Possessing.
Possession gives you a great feeling, knowing you own something. Spinning out the pleasure for several days in order to truly savour the latest find.
3. Completion.
It feels pretty good to complete sets, runs and rows of objects, hunting down and then finally bagging that missing item, till at long last you have filled all the gaps. Although collectors often create their own gaps, just as they create their own hunt in the first place. Set ourselves goals and just when we finally finish the task we set ourselves, we create another. In the process building something unique.
4. Knowledge.
How else would we know that-  'Rick Monday hit 3 homers in a game in 1972',  Robin Yount's older brother Larry, pitched for the Astros and that one day he would like to be a professional golfer or race motorcycles or 'Which team suffered the most shut-outs in one season?' Well we know this from the backs of baseball cards. Likewise knowing the history of a sport can be completely fascinating. I like to know the provenance of my cards and packs, it makes collecting them a little more interesting particularly here in the UK. How did unopened packs land on these shores? What is a 1939 Goudey card doing as a bookmark in a book shoved in the back of a charity shop? It would be interesting to know, perhaps even more interesting than knowing that no one has ever a home run out of the Yankees Stadium, although 1963 Mickey Mantle came awfully close. Knowledge is good, knowledge is power.
5. Escape.
A wonderful escape and distraction from the humdrum of a busy life. I started poking around looking for baseball card collectors in the UK in late 2007, as a distraction from a new, stressful job, that I was hating. Laying awake at night thinking about the solutions to problems that may develop the in next day or week. In the process I found Ben Henry, A Pack a Day and Thorzul. The therapy, the easing of my psychological problems, this means of escape was soothing my troubled soul and I had found people of a similar ilk. All I had to concern myself with now, was when a little yellow package would be slipping through my letterbox.
6. Investment.
My dad would say 'A Mug's Game.' Hunter suggests, 'Never collecting to make money - only acquire what interests you'. If this is your reason for collecting certain items in the hope that it will one day pay off your mortgage or university tuition for one of your children. Stop right now. Look at all those people who bought boxes of cards in the ninety's. I've often thought about buying a load of cards to 'cherry pick' the ones I want and sell the rest to invest in more cards but my wife, four children and so may other things like food snap me back to reality.
7. Perfect for Loners
Hunter points out that there are may hobbies people take up in which to interact with others, he lists sports mainly and hints that certain collectors can happily be in their own little worlds collecting in the privacy of their own house. I must disagree with this one entirely. For as long as I have been collecting baseball cards, I have searched for collectors with similar habits, to discuss, compare and 'swap'. I didn't really find many people of a similar persuasion until I started blogging. A whole massive world (literally) of relationships developed and new ones being created regularly. I feel the pursuit of baseball collecting has become far more enjoyable since I started trading/getting in contact with other collectors. I am no longer alone..sniff, sniff.
8. Identity
I collect, therefore I am. There is importance and self worth in being a knowledgeable collector. It is unfortunate that there are very rich collectors who can outbid, gobble up all the 1of 1's, super refractors and mega relics depriving the rest of us those unique pieces for our collection. Yet, in moderation, the feeling of many collectors that their hobby somehow sets them apart is no bad feeling. 'There is nothing wrong in self worth.'

I really enjoyed reading this book.

Confessions of a Collector: Or How to be a Part-Time Treasure Hunter
Hunter Davies
224 pages
15 Oct 2009 1847246044 978-1847246042

Friday 12 October 2012

1964 Topps Giants

Ahhh...1964... the year Richard Kimble continued to outwit the Stafford Police,
Ben, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe Cartwright delighted us with western adventures on the Ponderosa Ranch,
Gilligan, et al are castaway on a deserted island,
'You Rang' becomes a popular catch phrase,
Herman Munster scares the crap out of thousands of children,
Russel Crowe, Courteney Cox, Stone Cold Steve Austin are born, 
The Beatles ride high in the Top 40 with 'She Loves You'.
Top of The Pops airs on the BBC for the first time,
Elvis as Rusty Jackson, sang and wiggled his hips alongside the gorgeous Ann Margret, in Viva Las Vegas,
Dick Van Dyke acted/sang, in what is regarded as the worst cockney accent ever and
Sean Connery, arguably the best Bond, fought Oddjob in Goldfinger, while From Russia with Love still excited cinema fans the world over. 
What a great year!
I had never really thought about collecting this particular oddball set before now. I'm not sure whether it really qualifies as oddball anyway. In 1964, Topps produced, along side the 587 card regular set, a number of stand alone sets-Topps Giants, Topps Stand-Ups and Tattoos.
One of the many pursuits I have is to collect the complete 1964 Topps set, hoping to snag some of the other '64 sets produced along the way. Even cards based on the design of the 1964 cards are falling within this particular pursuit.
So when this graded '64 Topps Giant recently appeared on eBayUK, I just had to have it within my collection.  

Thursday 4 October 2012

Doctor Who Monster Invasion limited edition.

We have to wait until Christmas to get the next 'fix' of the latest Doctor Who adventures. The last episode saw the departure of the Ponds, some might say finally.
There were some great episodes in Season 7, Daleks, dinosaurs, wild west gunslingers, and mysterious black cubes. The final episode was set in Manhattan starring the creepiest of recent protagonists, Weeping Angels. And yes the Statue of Liberty does feature as the ultimate Weeping Angel.
To keep the 'fanboys' happy, the lovely River Song 'Woozah' aka Melody Pond, also appears in the latest episode.
The cards shown are from a limited edition pack, only available with the Doctor Who Monster Invasion children's magazine.
Roll on Christmas.

Wednesday 3 October 2012

30 Unopened packs of baseball Cards

It doesn't happen very often but when it does... I'm talking about unopened packs of baseball cards on eBayUK. Just last week, a seller put five lots of unopened baseball cards up for auction, I was lucky enough to win four of them, I was hoping for the fifth but was beaten out. Hopefully it went to the good home of one of my fellow UK card bloggers.
All the packs are from 2002/3, Donruss and Upper Deck. I have a sneaking suspicion that they are from repack boxes because there is clear plastic glue on the back or front of about 5 packs.
Some of these sets are familiar, but most were new to me.
Included was;
1999 Upper Deck Powerdeck 1pack,
2001 Donruss Studio 4packs,
2002 Upper Deck Rookie Debut  pack,
2002 Donruss Fan Club 5packs,
2002 Donruss 1pack,
2003 Upper Deck First Pitch 4packs,
2003 Upper Deck Series 1 2packs,
2003 Upper Deck Series 2 2packs,
2003 Upper Deck MVP 2packs,
2003 Upper Deck Standing O!  2packs,
2003 Donruss Team Heroes 2packs,
2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll 2packs,
2003 Upper Deck 40 Man 2packs.

They were delivered in a lovely big brown paper covered brick. I'm not ashamed to say it was a tad exciting. There was only one draw back - postage. It started as £15.00, I was able to knock it down to £8.00, knowing full well that it wouldn't come close to that. The actual postage cost was £2.80. I'm not sure why sellers do this and it is one thing that puts me right off eBay.
But look at all these unopened packs, such a glorious sight.
I will be cracking them open at Pursuit of Red Sox, my bold mission to collect Red Sox cards from packs and complete the occasional set.
All other cards will go into various trade piles.

Sunday 30 September 2012

1964 Topps

If there was an ultimate set of baseball cards that you could collect, what would it be?
I'm not talking a money is no object set, like a complete set of T206. I'm talking an obtainable goal. The set could include a few difficult, rare, possibly expensive cards that you needed to hunt down, bid and lose/win or trade for.
A set that, for whatever reason, really interests you. Are you thinking 1952 Topps, 1951 Bowman, 1954 Red Heart dog food set, maybe? Or are you tastes more recent like 2005 Bowman Heritage.
For me it was the 1980 Topps set, mainly for sentimental reasons and I achieved that goal with a little (or big) help from my friends. In fact while attempting this feat I was contacted by a fellow 1980's set collector who was after a slabbed version of each card. There's a goal and a half.
Now I am turning my attentions to the 1964 Topps set, again for sentimental reasons. 1964 was the year of my birth. I also hope to, at some point, to obtain a 1964 Topps wrapper .
I will be honest and say that I think this will be one of those life long goals. This will not be time limited as there are a number of difficult, as well as very expensive, cards to obtain. Mickey Mantle and Hank Aaron are the first to come to mind. Pete Rose, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, Sandy Koufax, Roger Maris......the list goes on. I have already bitten off a small chunk of the 'cheaper' base so I'm on going in the right direction! Hoping to pick up a few 1964 coins, Bazooka, Topps Giant and Stand Ups along the way.


A few weeks ago Wax Fantastic (amongst others) revealed the Topps sell sheet for 2013 Topps Heritage. If you keep up with Heritage then you know why this product would be of interest.

The design used/ recycled  for 2013 Heritage will be a 'throwback' to 1964 Topps.

It is great to see the inclusion of some original 1964 cards however 1964 Bazooka are a buyback insert as are 1964 Tattoos. Luckily the 1964 Venezuelan variation, complete with black rather than orange backs, are an insert, although limited. 1964 Topps Giants are included as box toppers and 1964 Topps coins will be embedded in a relic limited to 5 copies. Why not include the coin inserts in packs as they did in 1964? 1964 Topps Stand ups were already included as an insert in 2011 Topps Lineage.

Back to the original question- What would be your ultimate set to collect?

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Trade with Heartbreaking Cards of a Staggering Genius

Now know as My Year Without Cardboard. Matt is spending the next 12 months in the Ukraine. This must have been one of the last trades he sent before he went on his tour. Follow his Ukrainian adventures on Use my Camera blogspot.
Now back to the cards he sent. What an incredible diverse selection or Red Sox Matt sent.
Firstly shown above;
1964 Topps Coin #30 Dick Radatz 
This set contained a 164 metal coins and were inserted into the Topps wax packs.
1953 Bowman Colour #35 Maury McDermott
A much loved , cut and lovely card from an early Bowman series.
1974 Kellogg's 3D Super Stars #24 Orlando Cepeda
These small 3D cards were only available from Kellogg's. I have done a little research and I cannot determine whether you found them inside the boxes of cereal or by collecting box-topps.

1970 Topps Scratch Off #24 Carl Yastrzemski
The Scratch-offs were inserted into 1970 Topps baseball cards, one per wax pack. Unfolded, they formed a game board which is played by scratching off each one of the 44 boxes covered with black ink. There must have been versions of this in all different kinds of sports. I remember playing a football variation at about the same time.
1976 Hostess #138 Fergie Jenkins
I love the fact that these were cut from the bottom a box of snacks. How many must have been ravaged by an over zealous 10 year old. This particular card is very nice, so they had the sense to ask an adult to cut it out. This set is also unique as 1976 was 'the bicentennial' year and everything apparently was swathed in Red, White and Blue.
1970 Kellogg's #49 Jim Lonborg
The first of Kellogg's 3D sets to be released with the relatively new 3D technology. This set has a really lovely design and simple with the baseball logo in the top right corner.
Thanks Matt, these great baseball cards (and coin) are a welcome addition to the collection.

Monday 24 September 2012

Trade with Matt aka docholoday

 Another of those long overdue trade posts. This time the trade was with Matt from  Matt lists amongst his likes, baseball, bowling shirts, fedoras and the Boston Red Sox, to name few. For a more detailed listing check out his DocHoloday website. Unfortunately listed amongst his dislikes is 'Soccer' .
In reply to this bunch of Red Sox I sent his way, was a box of complete or near-complete sets of Red Sox cards from the past few years. It is so nice to clear so many cards off the wants list in one big trade. Great stuff Matt.
He also included a fine stack of  Kimball Champion cards, a set which I am finding annoyingly difficult to complete.
Great trade Matt, Thank you. Good to see The Doctor was a welcome addition too.

Sunday 23 September 2012

Trade with Angels in Order

This is long overdue Thank you post to Tom from The Angels, in Order. When trade packages went out last month, he was he first to send cards back my way. A great stack of Red Sox that included the two game used relics shown.
Despite the revelations that 'authentic game used' relics could be anything but, some speculation about table cloths, tea towels and handkerchiefs, in the back of my mind there is hope that The Big Papi did in fact hit a homer with this tiny shard of bat.
Please keep the David Ortiz wood comments to yourself,
On a different note. There was a programme on ITV, a UK television channel, the other night about Liverpool Football Club. A section of the show was about a visit they made to Fenway Park to meet the Boston Red Sox earlier in the season. Apparently they made the trek all the way to the US to find inspiration from the Red Sox. Big Papi, Adrian Gonzalez, Cody Ross, Pedro Ciriaco and Bobby Valentine featured. Bobby Valentine and Brendan Rodgers exchanged shirts. Adrian Gonzalez spoke to a some shocked Liverpool players about the numbers of games baseball players have in a week and how few breaks they have during the season. Believe it or not his conversation was subtitled in the programme.

2012-2013 Match Attax Football

 For those of you who are interested 2012-2013 Match Attax Football go on sale on Thursday 27th September. These cards are from a preview pack available with Match of the Day magazine.
There are over 500 cards to collect including new Stadium cards, Super Skills, Star Signings, plus Legends, 100 club and Man of the Match cards.
There will also be some Limited Edition cards available in magazines and various accessories but are yet to be revealed.

Saturday 22 September 2012

What can you do with Eight Cliff Johnson's?

In a recent ebayUK purchase I was the lucky winner of some 1976 and 1973 Topps cards. The comment did say there was 'some' duplication. The seller was kind enough to include a neat little stack of unexpected 1979 Topps as well.
But seriously what do you do with 8 Cliff Johnson's beside make up your own 12 days of Christmas rhyme?

Saturday 8 September 2012

2012 Panini Triple Play

When this set first appeared on Panini's web-site, I have reluctantly got to say it was love at first sight. Sad but I had to get my hands not just a few packs but a box of the stuff.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been in contact with PaniniUK and Panini Europe about obtaining Triple Play. Their professional suggestion was to get in contact with 'someone' in the US, who might deliver to the UK.
Grudgingly I purchased a box of 24 packs of Panini Triple Play from Dave and Allen's Card World.
Price of Box $24.00
Price of Delivery $24.00. Like hell it costs $24.00 but I'm not going to quibble just yet.
Import and Customs £6.91 ($11.00).

You see Dave and Allen say the value of the item includes the postage cost, so Customs and bloody Excise don't just charge you for the item, they add the postage costs as well. I can feel myself getting a little hot under the collar but it's not entirely Custom and Excise fault,its my own fault, although some of the blame has to rest with dacards because instead of using the USPostal system and Royal Mail, they plump for UPS.
UPS a private company then charges me £11.00 to deliver my goods that have already been paid for once.
UPS Brokerage Surcharge £11.00  ($17.60)

Bringing the grand total of a $24.00 box of cards to $76.60 about $3.00 a pack.

Let me just say I am going to eke these cards for a little while. Please be patient.

Friday 7 September 2012

1969 Topps Deckle Edge inserts

Placed within the 1969 Topps sets was an insert called Deckle Edge.
The 1969 Deckle Edge inserts include 33 black-and-white cards and features scalloped borders. The cards measure 2 ¼” by 3 ¼”.
The card fronts have a black and white photograph with each player’s facsimile autograph. The reverse includes the card number and player name in a small blue rectangular box.
There were two variation of the same numbered card;
Number 11 which can be either Hoyt Wilhelm or Jim Wynn, and
Number 22 with either Rusty Staub or Joe Foy.
There are 33 cards in the set;

1 - Brooks Robinson
2 - Boog Powell
3 - Ken Harrelson
4 - Carl Yastrzemski
5 - Jim Fregosi
6 - Luis Aparicio
7 - Luis Tiant
8 - Denny McLain
9 - Willie Horton
10 - Bill Freehan
11a - Hoyt Wilhelm
11b - Jim Wynn
12 - Rod Carew
13 - Mel Stottlemyre
14 - Rick Monday
15 - Tommy Davis
16 - Frank Howard
17 - Felipe Alou
18 - Don Kessinger
19 - Ron Santo
20 - Tommy Helms
21 - Pete Rose
22a - Rusty Staub
22b - Joe Foy
23 - Tom Haller
24 - Maury Wills
25 - Jerry Koosman
26 - Richie Allen
27 - Roberto Clemente
28 - Curt Flood
29 - Bob Gibson
30 - Al Ferrara
31 - Willie McCovey
32 - Juan Marichal
33 - Willie Mays

Trying to collect them all.

Featured within the 2012 Topps Archives were throwbacks to the 1969 Deckle Edge inserts
There were 15 cards within the series;
2012 Topps Archives Baseball 1969 Deckle Edge Card Image
1 Roy Halladay
2 Evan Longoria
3 Jose Bautista
4 Mike Napoli
5 David Freese
6 Ichiro
7 Joe Mauer
8 Bob Gibson
9 Juan Marichal
10 Orlando Cepeda
11 Carl Yastrzemski
12 Roberto Clemente
13 Willie Mays
14 Harmon Killebrew
15 Joe Morgan

Hey why not try and collect all of these too.

Thursday 9 August 2012

Trade with Martyn from Abitrary Crap

There is a small band of UK baseball card collectors out in the blogosphere. Limited by the availability of baseball product and it being readily accessible. It is easier now, through e-bay and COMC, than it has been in the past, however the US Postal Service, Royal Mail and UK customs are trying their hardest to thwart out collecting efforts.
In a effort to get my hands on some recent baseball releases I contacted Panini. Panini America will not deliver to the UK. International postage is limited to Canada only. So I contacted Panini directly. Firstly in Tunbridge Wells England, that's Royal Tunbridge Wells, a very posh place. Spoke to a nice lady and explained that I was hoping to get hold of a recent baseball  release called 'Triple Play'.
She advised that I should contact Panini Europe, in Modena Italy, which I did.
My local newsagents in Westgate-on-Sea is up to its armpits in Panini stickers and has even had Panini basketball cards for goodness sake.
So what did Panini Europe advise, after I had explained my dilemma?
I'm afraid their only advise, if I really wanted to get hold of these cards, is to look online and see if there are any collectors that could sell them to me.
In other words look on e-bay or somewhere like DAcardworld who will charge $24.00 for a $24.00 box of cards. That doesn't include being hit by the friendly people at UK customs and excise.
Which leads nicely to the importance that trading has for UK collectors.
One of the small band of UK collectors is Martyn from Abitrary Crap. He is holding a contest at the moment, so take a look. (I'm sure the stadium picture is in the UK, definitely not Fenway!)

Martyn sent a whole host of cards including the mother lode of Jacoby Ellsbury relic cards, which is great - I very rarely pull him from a pack. The red All-Star game worn is intriguing because it is not the usual white.
A John Lackey game used.

A Big Papi, when he was a littler Papi, game used bat.

And the worlds thickest base cards from the ridiculously expensive 2007  Upper Deck Exquisite. Which, if I remember correctly was selling for about $300 for a 6 card pack. Although each pack contained at least 5 autographs, one of them being a 1of 1 card. The 100 card base set was limited to 99 of each card, imagine trying to collect the base set?
These two cards are part of the parallel set numbered to 75.

Thanks Martyn.

Friday 3 August 2012

Trade packages ahoy

It is so good to be on holidays for a while. Its the only time I get to really sort out my card collection. There have been stacks of cards, unopened packs and Red Sox screaming out for organisation. In between watching the Olympics, seeing Australia get crushed in the swimming pool and rowing, I have posted a number of packages  to the usual suspects
Kevin -Orioles
Steve -White Sox
Matt- Royals
Tim- D-backs
Capewood- Astros (some Phillies too)
Tony - Giants
Simon - Bay Rays
Brian - Rangers
Tom -Angels
Ted - Blue Jays
James - Braves
Travis - Padres
Steve -Yankees
Greg - Dodgers
Paul - Cubs
 a couple of Red Sox packages to Martyn, Matt and Anthony

still to go are
Kerry - Cardinals
Michael- Pirates
Big B - football
Dayf - packs

AND (hopefully)
Jason - Reds
Ed - Brewers

The only ones missing are
Nationals who are all still looking for homes.

Sunday 29 July 2012

2012 London Olympics Panini Stickers

 The second Olympic collection is stickers from Panini. Not exclusively UK athletes, but I still cannot bring myself to collect the whole set.
From the official Panini site.

"Panini are proud to announce the launch of their official Sticker Collection for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games! Packed full of fun facts, stats and imagery, it’s the perfect souvenir guide to the UK’s biggest sporting event this century. Get stuck into this awesome collection and discover info on all the highest profile Team GB and International athletes. The Official London 2012 Sticker Collection will serve as your ultimate guide to the tournament with all of the key dates for each event, venue information, Did You Know flashes and Fun Fact flashes.
There are 444 stickers to collect with 24 kiss-cut stickers and 24 rainbow foil stickers to look out for. So what are you waiting for? Start collecting now"

Not for me thanks. A quick glimpse of some of the stickers available.
At this present time, the most famous athlete on the planet. Completely mobbed at the opening ceremony by other athletes.
Also featured are some of the Paralympic events. Have you ever tried this? We did blind football, with a preference for the sport being called five-a-side football at school with the children. We also played blind cricket. The ball contains a number of small bells or ball bearings and its is bloody difficult to kick or hit. The children loved playing the game though and it really made them trust each other. I was always tempted to have a quick peek.
This set contains a number of international sports stars. I have been watching the Tour de France recently and both the men's and women's road races. Amazing how interesting it can be.
These are the two very strange and slightly scary mascots from the 2012 Olympics called Wenlock and Mandeville.