Saturday 28 January 2012

Do these cards exist? Or am I going mad?

The cards I am talking about are the Topps Target variation of the Topps base set.
In 2009, 2010 and 2011 Target and Wal-Mart offered their own variations of the Topps  cards.
From 2009, the Wal-Mart version were much easier to notice, naturally, as it was the front of the card that was changed to a more dramatic black border, whereas Target went for the retro styling. They changed the logo on the front and produced the card on a heritage type stock and called it ‘retro’. Hence the back of the card showed the more noticeable difference.
I can find the Wal-Mart variations of Jacoby Ellsbury, they regularly appear on e-bay and COMC as the pictures below demonstrate. But can I find the Target version?
They don’t appear on e-bay or COMC. I know, because from 2009 I have checked regularly enough, even to the point of an ebay e-mail alert for anything vaguely describing the words, ‘Ellsbury’ and ‘Target’.
Why is this case?
I submit evidence for the brief using available Internet images.

2009 Topps Target #660 Jacoby Ellsbury
2009 Topps Wal-Mart Black Border #660 Jacoby Ellsbury
2009 Topps Update Target #UH15 Jacoby Ellsbury
2009 Topps Update Wal-Mart Black Border #UH15 Jacoby Ellsbury
2010 Topps Target #569 Jacoby Ellsbury
2010 Topps Wal-Mart Black Border #569 Jacoby Ellsbury
2011 Topps Target #351 Jacoby Ellsbury
2011 Topps Wal-Mart Black Border #351 Jacoby Ellsbury
 2011 Topps Update Target Red Border #278 Jacoby Ellsbury
2011 Topps Update Wal-Mart Blue Border #278 Jacoby Ellsbury
Were the Target variations produced in smaller print runs and are therefore rarer?
Is it something simpler. That being, the front of the card is less noticeably different and therefore collectors presume the card is an ordinary base card? So I'm guessing they just see the front and don't look at the back?
Or do the Target variations of the Jacoby Ellsbury cards in fact really exist at all?

Thursday 12 January 2012

Trade with Waxaholic

Another trade with my prolific trade partner and friend Waxaholic. We have similar collecting habits, football (soccer), stickers and opening packs.
This massive collection arrived the other day and he fulfilled all areas of my collecting pursuits including this Jacoby Ellsbury Topps 206 that was a welcome addition to my Jacoby collection. I know there will be a sticker album coming along soon that Waxaholic will be tempted by. One of the easiest traders I have.
He was also kind enough to include some packs, which I will crack open in the near future at my other blog Pursuit of Red Sox.
Always a pleasure Big B.

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Trade with "é rayhahn, rayhahn" aka Rhubarb Runner

It has long been the staple of this particular blog -the trade post. But appear to have been remiss recently and not posted about many of the trades I have made.
Embarrassingly, I know very little of US geography so need to just pinpoint where in North America (or Canada ) people hail from.

Rhubarb_Runner, who lists amongst his interests; astronomy, baseball cards, the Minnesota Twins, and trombone, comes from St Charles in Missouri. This is the first trade made between my blog and his, the colourfully named 'é rayhahn, rayhahn'. Check out the blog for yourself to find the origins of this pseudonym.
What passed between our blogs was a selection of Twins and a mixture of Red Sox from Topps, Leaf, Kimball Champions, some informative 2008 Documentary and a 2000 Fleer Ultra 'Feel the Game' Pedro Martinez game worn Jersey. An authentic game worn patch from back in the day when there was a possibility that this piece of material may have actually been touched by the man himself.
Thanks to Rhubarb for the trade.

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Trade with Padographs

A great package from Rod. who hails from Jacoby Ellsbury's home state of Oregon. A real variety of cards which included some UFC cards, a bunch of guys beating up some other guys. Plus some cards that make my 2011 wants list a little lighter.
I was surprised that Rod was able to find some Red Sox, as he is a dedicated trader with many other blogs. Check out his blog Padrographs to see what I am talking about.
Thanks for the trade Rod.

Monday 9 January 2012

Trade with The Angels in Order

Here is trade with a blogger who I have never traded with before, Tom from The Angels in Order. The Angels were stacking up so it was great to find another collector. Here's Tom's take on the package I sent his way in January.
In the return package Tom sent a stack of cards that fit into my collecting mojo (that was a really poor time to use that expression for the first time).
My favourites sets are the Bowman sets from 1950's and the 1951 set would probably clinch the favourite title of all-time. There is very little chance of ever owning the complete set  but picking up a few here and there is always a treat.
So the 2005 Bowman Heritage set is another set I have admired for ages because of the basis of its design being 1951 Bowman. I really should add it as another set collecting pursuit. My mind was firmly made up for me when Tom included these 3 2005 Bowman Heritage Red Sox in the trade.
So thank you Tom for the trade and for adding another collecting pursuit. 

Sunday 8 January 2012

Trade with Heartbreaking Cards of a Staggering Genius

A surprise package from Matt, containing some absolute gems. Two really nice relic cards, a 2004 Flair Diamond Cuts Pedro Martinez jersey , limited to 250 (this one is #149)and  a2005 Topps Pristine piece of Edgar Renteria lumber, limited to 425 (this one is #200).
The other cards include I have seen before and thought they would make a nice addition to the collection, Topps Lazer. Matt was kind enough to include two of these cards.
Thanks Matt, a great surprise and some really lovely cards.

Saturday 7 January 2012

Getting excited about a bag of dirt.

Oh dear, to get excited about a little bag of dirt is bordering on sad.

It reminded me of an incident many years ago when a friend of mine, who supported Charlton Athletic, carefully planted a small 1 foot square of turf in his back garden that he had removed (one would think illegally) from the playing surface of Charlton's home ground 'The Valley'.
Charlton, who had been struck by a monetary crisis, had decided to stop playing at the ground they had played at for over 70 years and ground share with a close rival Crystal Palace. The rivalry between these two clubs may not be as fierce as it is at Liverpool, Glasgow or Chicago but it comes close. There was understandably a level of animosity towards the current owners of the club, so when the final whistle blew at the final game at The Valley, supporters flooded onto the pitch to say farewell to the team and the beloved ground. Suddenly people began to dig up the pitch and take various other souvenirs; corner flags, seats, fencing, roughly anything that had stopped moving. My friend  and his dad carried the section of turf home and lovingly planted it in the backyard. So proud of this small piece of grass that he placed a white picket fence around its border and tendered it more carefully than any other part of the garden. He showed the turf to anyone who visited, like a person who owned a original artwork would delight in informing visitors 'It's an original Picasso, you know!' There was, I think, a hope that it would eventually spread to the rest of the lawn and he could inform visitors -'It's the original Valley turf, you know!'

The Fenway dirt was part of a very interesting package that arrived from Jason at The Writers Journey.It contained a bonanza of ephemia relating to the Red Sox.
Red Sox schedules.
An oddball collection of baseball cards. Including this amazing 3D 'card' that, when placed on a stand, can be set on a rocking motion so that Nomar hits a ball and make an incredible catch.
And of course the Fenway Park dirt.
What did I do when I received this package. I opened the dirt to smell it, hoping that in some way it would give me a feel of the ballpark. I poured a small pile into my hand examining it closely. No bat fragments or Red Sox DNA, just a nice pile of red grit, coarser than I thought it would be. I was expecting a more sandy feel, must really hurt to slide on.
Thank you Jason for this amazing treasure trove of Red Sox items.