Thursday 13 August 2009

1952 Bowman

These would be more at home at 'Things done to cards' but I picked up these 4 1952 Bowman cards on e-bay UK for the massive amount of 99p. Yes I was a little surprised as well.
We have card #59 Murray Dickson Pirates, #89 Billy Hitchcock Athletics, #73 Jerry Coleman Yankees and #7 Mike Garcia Indians.
Not the best examples of this set but much loved and nice looking cards none the less.
It's a shame that Topps didn't persevere with the Bowman Heritage brand. The modern versions, based on the 1950's Bowman designs, have always been a favourite of mine. I was lucky enough to secure the 2005 Bowman Heritage Rookie card of Jacoby Ellsbury recently as well.
I also found that these cards came in 1 card penny packs, so it would technically cost you $2.52 to buy the entire set of 252 cards. On the back it explains that you could purchase a $1.00 baseball cap for 50cents and 5 wrappers. Oh to be alive and collecting in 1952.