Thursday, 31 December 2009

Trade with Chuck from Chuck's Used Cards

Chuck, of Chuck's Used Cards, and I have sent trade packages back and forth a number of times now. He has collecting itch that I am able to scratch- soccer. The two major card releases in the UK are Topps Match Attax and Panini Champions League, there are a number of sticker variations on the football theme but Topps and Panini have the card market securely tied up with these two sets. Chuck is a fan of both the English Premier League and European teams, so these two releases fit nicely into his collecting remit. A padded envelope containing each made its way to Florida.
Chuck sent this selection of Red Sox in return:

1961 Topps #99 Don Buddin
1990 Swell #29 Rick Ferrell
1992 Fleer Ultra #17 Joe Hesketh
1993 Fleer Ultra #150 Danny Darwin
1993 Fleer Ultra #158 Bob Zupcic
1994 Studio #161 Andre Dawson
2001 Topps Archives #47 Ellis Kinder
2001 Topps Archives #66 Ted Lepcio
2001 Topps Archives #80 Jackie Jensen
2001 Topps Archives #93 Sid Hudson
2001 Topps Archives #195 Bill Consolo
2001 Topps Archives #217 Paul Schreiber
2001 Topps Archives #221 Dick Brodowski

The Topps Archives sets has sidled past relatively unnoticed, so thanks for including these Chuck.

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