Thursday 10 June 2010

Jacoby Ellsbury card Number 100

In a pursuit to capture all the Jacoby Ellsbury cards that have no specific print run, today I achieved a milestone of 100 cards. Although some are not from the designated 'No Print Run' category. It is just really hard not to pass-up those numbered or relic cards when they appear at a price that wouldn't lead to divorce.
So when this particular card, that I had seen before, came up for sale on e-bay I leapt on the very reasonable $1.50 price. I knew only of the National Sports Card Convention through the posts that Ross does over at one of my regular haunts Sports Card Info. There is a whole slew of celebrity signers, so I am unsure whether this card was produced to commemorate or perhaps advertise the convention.
Either way I am the proud owner of a 2008 Topps Chrome #124 Jacoby Ellsbury National Card convention card which brings me to 108 Jacoby Ellsbury cards.

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