Saturday, 21 May 2011

Trade with Tony 'Collector from Across the Pond'

A while ago this would have been 'Trade with Tony from Wales' but that has changed now that Tony joined the growing band of bloggers, a while ago. To see what other collectors from the UK are up to see 'Collector From Across the Pond'. He collects San Francisco Giants and Adam Lind cards. Tony is also regular contributor to different forums and has made some great trades with fellow collectors. I have been on the receiving end too. A little while ago a big stack of Topps Heritage from various years arrived on the doorstep, although there was no clue who had sent them, I didn't need to be Inspector Morse to work it out. He loves Heritage as much as I do and the stack of Red Sox were greatly received.

Thanks Tony. Giants are on their way.

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Tony Mc said...

Forgot I sent you those. I had them waiting to be sent out for over a month and when I got around to sending it I forgot to include a note to say who they were from. Glad you got them though.