Sunday 6 November 2011

Another pile of baseball cards

The head of my school returned from another short break holiday to the USA. It would appear that this will be the last trip, as they have sold their house in Florida. My first thought was for them ... obviously. The occasional baseball packet haul was nice while it lasted.
 I have been the lucky recipient over the last few years of numerous blasters and loose packs. Their recent trip was interrupted by a freak snow storm which grounded planes across the East Coast. Once again their delay is my windfall. Nothing will ever compare to the Icelandic Volcano delay of a few weeks, however the three day delay meant more cards for me.
This trip I received:
1 blaster of 2011 Topps Series 2
1 blaster of 2011 Allen+Ginter
1 blaster of 2011 Topps Update
and a rack pack of Topps Chrome
The one thing I actually asked for was the 2011 Topps baseball sticker album and some stickers. Unfortunately they searched high and low and were unable to find any. Are they that rare or have I missed the boat on this?
I will be opening these packs on Pursuit of Red Sox over the coming weeks.



That is a nice assortment. I live in north central Ohio and the only place I have seen Topps Stickers is at Target stoRes.There are several in this area, but I don't know how widespread they are.David, at Tribe Cards, was having trouble finding them at one time so I sent him one.I don't know just how much it would cost,but I would be more than happy to send you one. LMK

dayf said...

You've got two packs of stickers coming. If you like I can abandon my search for some loosey Chrome for you and send an album and some sticker packs instead.

Play at the Plate said...

I hope you get some Sox!