Sunday 22 April 2012

Finally 2012 Topps baseball Stickers

 Finally some 2012 product that I can get into. Thanks to my friend Waxaholic, the 2012 album and 8 packets of stickers are all mine.
Who says you need to complete the 2011 album before starting the 2012. It's alright to have numerous collecting pursuits going at the same time, surely?
Follow my attempts to complete the 2011 sticker album and the 2012 sticker album.(Help in any way you can!)
So onto the 8 packs Waxaholic sent my way.
Pack 1:
I don't object to mascots being inlcuded in the set but two in one pack?

Pack 2: 

 Pack 3:

Pack 4: 

Pack 5: 

Pack 6: 

Pack 7: 

Pack 8:

I'm saving that for 'Pursuit of Red Sox'

From the 7 packs:
 4 logos, 2 Highlights and 5 mascots.

1 comment:

dayf said...

Got your package of epicness! YouTube video will be up by tomorrow.

Unless you want something specific I'll have some stickers and a pack of each product (Topps, Opening Day, Heritage, Gypsy Queen) out soon for our hostage exchange.