Friday 12 October 2012

1964 Topps Giants

Ahhh...1964... the year Richard Kimble continued to outwit the Stafford Police,
Ben, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe Cartwright delighted us with western adventures on the Ponderosa Ranch,
Gilligan, et al are castaway on a deserted island,
'You Rang' becomes a popular catch phrase,
Herman Munster scares the crap out of thousands of children,
Russel Crowe, Courteney Cox, Stone Cold Steve Austin are born, 
The Beatles ride high in the Top 40 with 'She Loves You'.
Top of The Pops airs on the BBC for the first time,
Elvis as Rusty Jackson, sang and wiggled his hips alongside the gorgeous Ann Margret, in Viva Las Vegas,
Dick Van Dyke acted/sang, in what is regarded as the worst cockney accent ever and
Sean Connery, arguably the best Bond, fought Oddjob in Goldfinger, while From Russia with Love still excited cinema fans the world over. 
What a great year!
I had never really thought about collecting this particular oddball set before now. I'm not sure whether it really qualifies as oddball anyway. In 1964, Topps produced, along side the 587 card regular set, a number of stand alone sets-Topps Giants, Topps Stand-Ups and Tattoos.
One of the many pursuits I have is to collect the complete 1964 Topps set, hoping to snag some of the other '64 sets produced along the way. Even cards based on the design of the 1964 cards are falling within this particular pursuit.
So when this graded '64 Topps Giant recently appeared on eBayUK, I just had to have it within my collection.  


Anonymous said...

I only came across this set myself last month!! It's a pretty easy set to put together and (relatively) inexpensive!

Similarly with the Deckle Edge set from 1969 Topps!!

I'm seriously considering going hell- for-leather with next years Topps Heritage as the whole of 1964 Topps is starting to grow on me!

Not as much as 1957 Topps though!!

Captain Canuck said...

Sweeeet card!!!

Fuji said...

Love these cards! Awesome set.