Thursday 8 November 2012

Do I need more 1980 Topps cards?

A pile of 1980 Topps cards, consisting of 133 cards with no duplicates, became available on ebayUK a few days ago. It has been well over a year since I collected the last few I needed to complete the whole set.
I have a few duplicates tucked safely within a box, my complete set neatly placed in 9 card sleeves (shown below) and the original 84 1980 Topps, the cards that initiated my descent into baseball card collecting in the first place, displayed for my regular enjoyment.

Despite all this, I just couldn't help myself, I had to bid to win these cards.
Why? I don't need them.
There are other cards missing from my collection, I could concentrate on those.
It is no secret that the 1980 Topps is high on my list of favourite sets, but so are the '50's Bowman's
What motivates us poor collectors into accumulating like this?
Am I alone or is there a set of cards that drives you so mad that you just must gathering them?


Captain Canuck said...

as Mulder said to Scully.... You are not alone.

night owl said...

I always stop and look at '75 Topps, even though I completed it 8 years ago. I don't usually buy the cards too often though.