Wednesday 9 April 2014

Back in the Saddle

well almost....

The building work on my house is very close to completion. It has taken a ridiculously long time because we 'fell out' with our builders. The work was off to a promising start in May, started to turn sour in September, when it should have been completed(and nothing was). Then really went pear shaped in late November, 25 weeks into what should have been a 16 week job. It was then we came to gut wrenching decision of asking the builders not to return. That was difficult, as we had no kitchen- no oven or hob. We had a makeshift sink and a microwave. No electricity in the new loft conversion, making it uninhabitable, so neither of the two projects were completed. But the single most disappointing thing, and this was what the build was about, our twin daughters (who had now turned 11years old) still shared a room with my wife and I.  
The other annoying by-product of the building work is that all my baseball cards are tucked away in boxes in the shed and in a cupboard that is blocked by ovens, which are waiting to be installed. In all honesty I shouldn't complain. As I have explained to my mother-in-law ( a glass half empty sort of person), we are healthy, happy, a little stressed maybe but when it is finally finished the house will be lovely. Plus I will have my own little study, a baseball card room all to myself. She understood all this but my mother-in-law couldn't see the importance of the baseball card room!
All this upheaval has made 2013 and the beginning of 2014 very lean times in relation to baseball products in the Arnold household. There has been great excitement amongst the UK baseball card collecting fraternity about 2014 Topps Heritage. I stood by as boxes of the stuff were opened and sets completed, while thoughts then  moved onto what product next to collect, Allen and Ginter or Goodwin's. Jealous...too right.

I did set myself some goals while on this enforced baseball card vacation. 

Firstly to collect an autographed Jacoby Ellsbury card, a Jacoby Ellsbury booklet and Jacoby Ellsbury printing plate, in no particular order.
Secondly, to complete the 2013 Topps Heritage base set plus a relic card, autograph and an oversized box loader.
Thirdly, to complete the Lenticular insert sets I had started  recently, Lineage 3D, Archives 3D and Opening Day Stars...1970 Kellogg's.
Finally to keep up to date with the latest Jacoby Ellsbury cards.

I can report some progress towards these goals.
1. Collected a Jacoby Ellsbury printing plate and 2 booklets.

2. Completed 2013 Topps thanks to the amazing generosity of a UK collector called Glenn,
3. Completed Lineage, Archives and Opening Day, made a big dent in 1970's Kellogg's
4. This is really old news now but it was sadly announced that Jacoby Ellsbury no longer played baseball... for a decent team... and although I tried, I just could bring myself to collect Jacoby in a Yankees uniform. It wasn't right. It is with a heavy heart I must say that my 'Pursuit of Jacoby' stops at the 2014 Heritage, Tribute and the Upper Class insert.  Although I will still chip away at the older cards.

Hopefully in a few weeks my vigour for collecting will be renewed and I can start writing (and trading) again.
In the meantime I was given 6 packs of 2014 Topps Series One by my friend and boss. Something about a gift for my 50th birthday, which is in a few days. I will share them at 'Pursuit of Red Sox'
Thank you for your patience.   


night owl said...

You're in cardboard purgatory. Yuck.

I wondered what your thoughts were about Ellsbury. Sorry he picked the very worst team.

Mark Hoyle said...

Glad to see a post up. .

jacobmrley said...

Welcome back. I am surprised to see Jacoby still in your good graces. Much like Johnny Damon, he is dead to me.

Captain Canuck said...

yeah! welcome back bud!