Tuesday 1 September 2009

2009 Topps Walmart 'Black' variation

I recently received a blaster of 2009 Topps and was surprised to find that it was a Walmart 'Black' variation blaster. Although I am not sure of the scarcity of these cards, I do know thanks to Things done to cards, way back in March 2009, that is was meant to be clandestine affair but Topps soon revealed that there was two variations on the 2009 Topps. The other being in Target stores and each had a different barcode...code. The person who bought these for me would have been unaware of this so I received these by dumb luck.

So what is the ratio difference between these black border variation and white bordered? Or they just as common?

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Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Basically what happened was Topps decided to release three versions of it's 2009 base product. The regular version. A black bordered version available exclusively in Walmart blasters. And a retro cardboard version available exclusively in Target blasters. The trick was they didn't tell anybody until people started opening blasters. In fact, they had no unusual markings on them at all to tell they are different from the regular cards however if you look on the internet, you can tell by the UPC code if you have a regular, black bordered or retro blaster. Hopefully, Topps will actually tell us before doing this again. As for scarcity, I would imagine the black borders and retros are scarcer considering they are only in certain store-specific blasters whereas the regular product is available anywhere and in greater quantities. But you can bet a ton of blacks and retros were printed at any rate.