Thursday 3 September 2009

Trade with Max part 2

The second part of the trade with Max has been sitting here for a while. I shouldn't actually call it a trade he just sent a load of Red Sox cards and expected nothing back.
Again there are far too many to list. As part of the first installment he sent a large number of 1980's Topps cards to knock off my wants list.
This part included cards from the 90's and 00's.
One of my favourite cards is shown above. There have been a number of posts regarding cards that show baseball players not actually playing baseball. I don't mean the mug shots, rather the cards showing players on phones, signing autographs, chewing gum or playing with their children. I'm not sure why, but there is plethora of cards from the mid to late 90's that steered towards this trend. Pinnacle were big culprits.
Here Bill Lee, nicknamed 'The Spaceman', according to the back of the card he is called this because of his zany quotes and personable demeanor. This card however couldn't be placed in the not playing baseball category as he does appear to be in the wind up wearing a glove. Not in a game surely.
Max also included this 2009 Bowman Jacoby Ellsbury.
Thank you Max for the great selection spanning four decades.

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