Saturday 24 October 2009

Trade with Ed from Roll out the Barrel

The postal workers of the United Kingdom were 'on strike' for two days this week, so I was surprised to receive not one, but two packages from the US. These arrived like book-ends on either side of the strike while very little else did. Amazingly however credit card applications and bills managed to be delivered as well. These along with coackroaches, it is rumoured, will survive a nuclear attack.
Another interesting fact that has emerged during all this -is that it takes between three and four weeks to clear two days of back logged post.
Firstly the package from Ed at Roll Out the Barrel and what a beauty it was. A game used bat, two Jacobys and my first taste of Goodwins Champions. The Goodwins have received mixed reviews around the blogs. Comments such as: dubious quality, multiplication in packs, Evil Lincoln, Topps did it better in A+G and so on. I liked them and the Jacoby mini is superb although a little spooky...
Here is the rest the package from Hartland Wisconsin;
1982 Fleer Boston Logo sticker
2004 Leaf #PTT 266 Pedro Martinez
2005 Topps #UH151 JohnnyDamon
2006 Flair Showcase #50 Curt Schilling
2008 Stadium Club #55 Dustin Pedroia
2008 Stadium Club #19 Jed Lowrie
2008 UD Timelines #226 Clay Buchholz
2008UD Timelines Mayo #136 Davis Ortiz
2008 UD Timelines Mayo #168 Daisuke Matsuzaka
2008 Upper Deck X #15 Josh Beckett die-cut
2008 Upper Deck X #16 Clay Buchholz die-cut
2008 Upper Deck X #X-JB Josh Beckett
2009 A+G #7 John Smoltz
2009 A+G #11 Jacoby Ellsbury
2009 A+G #29 Jonathan Papelbon
2009 A+G #119 Kevin Youkilis
2009 A+G #215 Jed Lowrie
2009 A+G #291 Josh Beckett
2009 A+G #348 Justin Masterson
2009 Bowman #20 Josh Beckett
2009 Bowman #38 Dustin Pedroia
2009 Goodwins Champions #3 Jon Lester
2009 Goodwins Champions #23 Kevin Youkilis
2009 Goodwins Champions #78 Jason Varitek
2009 Goodwins Campions #225 Jacoby Ellsbury mini black border
2009 Icons #61 Jon Lester
2009 OPC #192 Hideki Okajima
2009 OPC #550 Jonathan Papelbon
2009 OPC #577 George Kottaras
2009 Topps #77 Jon Lester
2009 Topps #CBR-BRA Rocco Baldelli relic
2009 Topps Chrome #31 Kevin Youkilis
2009 Topps Chrome #110 Jonathan Papelbon
Thank you Ed. Superb cards once again.

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